Preparations continue: Tesla buys assembly machines for Cybertruck engines

The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the electric models of the American manufacturer that accumulates the most delays, but that, even so, creates more expectation among the general public, whether or not it is a customer of the brand. In recent months it has been possible to see how the preparatory processes for Tesla to start serial production are progressing. Now, a report from Germany specifies that the signature of electric cars has purchased various machinery for the production of motors from its electric pick-up.

If everything goes according to the plans presented by Elon Musk, production of the Tesla Cybertruck will begin exactly one year from now, during the month of July 2023. However, the preparation for this process has already started for several months, with the clear objective that once mass production begins, it will do so without margin of error and on a large scale of units.

has been the website who has confirmed through unidentified sources that the new machines acquired by Tesla will foreseeably end up in the Gigafactory Texas, where the Tesla Cybertruck will be built. In the report published by the aforementioned German media it is made public that the specialized companies from which Tesla has bought these machines are also of German origin; also confirms that these companies would have already supplied similar machinery to the other two plants prominent companies owned by Tesla, Giga Berlin and Giga Shanghai.

Gigapress tesla cybertruck electric pick-up-interior2
Tesla recently bought the world’s largest foundry machine

The source points out that these machines acquired in recent days by Tesla will be of considerable importance when it comes to producing electric motors for its new electric pick-up, since machines have been ordered capable of producing up to 750,000 electric motors per year. Despite the bulky figure, this may be really close to what Tesla will need, since the most capable variant of the Cybertruck will have an architecture of up to three electric motors, making it an ideal amount to reach the objective of the brand, which is to be able to manufacture up to 250,000 units of the Tesla Cybertruck annually.

However, as we have already mentioned, Tesla has been making progress in the development of the production of its future electric pick-up for several months. At the beginning of last June, the electric car company contacted the IDRA Group so that it could build the largest foundry machine in the world, which is known as the Gigapress. This machine will be capable of generating a pressure of more than 88,000 kN for the construction of the exoskeleton of the Cybertruck.

After all, the big question that fans, customers and followers of the brand ask themselves is whether Tesla will finally meet the agreed deadlines and start production of the Cybertruck on the specific date. Certainly, Tesla’s electric pick-up has a large number of interested parties in its acquisition because, despite multiple delays, the model continues to have a huge number of orders and reservations in the United States. It also had large orders from the European region, although Tesla eliminated the possibility of getting one in the old continent until further notice.

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