Porsche puts the sales list very high for the new Macan, will it reach them?

The Porsche Taycan has opened a new era in the Stuttgart. Porsche knows that the future is electric, and although it is reluctant to transform the entire range, its strategy is to adapt the most popular models. The Macan is one of the company’s best-selling cars. A new generation will soon see the light with important changes. The electric transformation of the Porsche Macan will not reduce sales. Porsche maintains commercial expectations to the maximum, maintaining the pace of sales of current models.

Porsche estimates that it will sell as many electric as thermal Macans today. The Taycan has allowed them to discover that many of their customers are willing to take the step to electric mobility, and that the transformation of the Macan will allow them to attract current users and those who are not looking for a medium SUV of high quality and great behavior. The Porsche Macan will have rivals around it, but they will hardly be able to match the particular conditions of the Porsche.

During an interview with the German media Automobilwoche, the head of Porsche production, Albrecht Reimold, commented: “We produce more than 80,000 units a year of the current generation. In the long term, we also plan to produce the electric Macan on the same scale.” Replacing the thermal versions with electric ones is not a simple or safe step, but at Porche they trust that sales will not suffer, at least in the long term. The question is how long it will take for the Germans to recover the high sales quota once the launch takes place.

The figures make Porsche’s intentions very clear. During the first half of the year the Germans have recorded a total of 38,039 Macan units sold. That figure places it as the second best-selling model of the house after the Porsche Cayenne, which reached a whopping 41,947 units sold. To put such data in context, in the same period of time the Taycan has managed to sign 18,877 sales, although the electric sedan has been affected by serious supply problems to the assembly lines.

Porsche Macan EV 20
Despite the delays, the development of the Macan is not paralyzed

Only time will rule on whether Porsche manages to keep current Macan customers inside the house after the electric transformation. Surely by argument it will not be. The new family access SUV prepares many new features that will allow it to offer itself as one of the most advanced electric cars in the world. The central axis of the development is the PPE platform. The Macan will be one of the first to use it, sharing it with his twin brother the Audi Q6 e-tron, which should see the light on similar dates.

Despite the many expectations raised, the electric Macan project is accumulating delays. Porsche has been forced to postpone the launch date until 2024. Numerous software development issues are wreaking havoc on the PPE platform release strategy. Porsche, Audi and Bentley have had to announce delays. Volkswagen is taking longer than necessary to develop the software responsible for electrical management. In the middle or end of next year we should see the new Macan, although there are no confirmed specific dates.

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