Porsche buys the manufacturer of motors and batteries for electric bicycles Fazua

Porsche has announced the purchase of the entire German company Fazua, specialist in the manufacture of assistance systems for electric bicycles. In February, Porsche had already acquired 20% of the shares of this company, which showed its commitment to the electric micromobility market and more specifically to electric bicycles. At that time, I left open the option of take over the entire companywhich now, a few months later, has been confirmed.

Within the Volkswagen Group, some of its brands have shown their intention, more or less serious, to find a niche in the electric bicycle market. Skoda has a long tradition in the bicycle sector, which is part of its origins. The Cupra itself, recently created, has been the last to show its work in this regard. However, among all the brands of the German group, Porsche seems to be the one with the clearest interest in this sector.

One of the important steps was taken by taking advantage of the presentation of the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, whose image transporting two electric bicycles on its tailgate still remains in the retina of many of its customers. The next step was to acquire the majority of the shares of Greyp, the brand of electric bicycles from Rimac, the renowned manufacturer of electric supercars. Precisely, shortly before, in the summer, Porsche had launched a new bicycle brand in collaboration with the manufacturer Storck and whose main suppliers were Greyp and Fazua. Cyclaer debuted a high-tech gravel-type bike that was prohibitively expensive for most.

Fazua, based in Ottobrunn near Munich, is regarded by Porsche as the “pioneer in the development of lightweight and compact propulsion systems”, According to the manufacturer itself. In fact, the company founded in 2013 had the sole purpose of developing a lightweight and functional electric bicycle unit. Today, Fazua employs more than 100 people and more than 40 brands rely on its technologies, such as Bianchi, Cube, Pinarello or Focus. “In Fazua, we have found a strong and experienced partner in the bicycle industry,” says Lutz Meschke, Vice Chairman of the Porsche Executive Board.

Fazua manufactures electric motors and batteries. It is the developer of a complete and removable system that integrates the motor inside the lower bracket and hides the battery inside the frame, going practically unnoticed. In total, the complete mechanism weighs approximately 1.5 kilos, including the battery, and is capable of offering a range of 50 kilometers.

Porsche buys Fazua electric bicycles-cover
Fazua manufactures electric motors and batteries and is the developer of a complete and removable system that integrates the motor inside the bottom bracket and hides the battery inside the frame, going practically unnoticed.

Porsche has not officially defined the strategy that it will develop with the purchase of Fazua. When it acquired 20% in February, it also announced a strategic cooperation with Post Holdings owner of 19 bicycle manufacturers with brands as important as Cervélo, Gazelle, Focus, Kalkhof, Schwinn, Santa Cruz, Cannondale, GT or Mongoose. This company is closely related to the parent group of Porsche since it started as a distributor of its cars in the Netherlands.

In the statement announcing the full purchase, Porsche adds that will merge all its activities related to electric bicycles through the establishment of two joint ventures with Ponooc Investment, the investment arm of Pon Holdings, dedicated to the financing of projects related to sustainability. The first joint venture will develop, manufacture and distribute the future generation of high-quality Porsche electric bicycles and the second will focus on technological solutions for the micromobility market.

Regardless of the activities of the joint venture, Porsche will continue to work with its current partner, Rotwild, on its current e-bike models. In March 2021, the company launched two electric bikes, the Porsche eBike Sport and the eBike Cross.

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