Polestar opens its first point of sale for electric cars in Spain in Barcelona

The electric vehicle brand Polestar has announced the opening of its first ‘Space’ in Spain on July 6, at number 84 Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona, ​​with an area of ​​more than 200 square meters.

In Barcelona, ​​Polestar has partnered with the Catalan company Ronda 15, which already has three Volvo dealers in Barcelona and Cornellà, to represent the brand in Barcelona.

The company has explained that the staff will be made up exclusively of specialists in Polestar products who will not charge commissions. The brand has indicated that “soon” another center will be opened in Madrid.

Polestar has specified that the ‘Spaces’ are retail establishments “that depart from the traditional dealership concept to become places that revolve around the vehicle”.

The ‘Space’ is characterized by its minimalist design, digital interactivity and the presence of specialists who do not receive a commission, just like the existing ‘Spaces’ in other countries. Customers control the entire process from initial consultation to test drive and, if desired, delivery of the Polestar model of their choice.

“Our business model is ‘digital first’, but the shopping experience combines the digital with the physical. It is very important to us that customers have the opportunity to try the Polestar 2 electric ‘fastback’ for themselves,” he stressed. the director of Polestar Iberia, Stéphane Le Guével.

The test drive in these spaces is accompanied by an exhibition of vehicles and components in a space prepared to show the products, without distractions. The vehicles are the protagonists, enhanced by specially designed spotlights. The walls feature large-format images of Polestar products and brand information, as well as interactive LED screens.

Customers who make it to the setup phase will enjoy an exclusive table inspired by the cutting tables of sewing workshops.

Customers can place modules of the finish on the surface and use RFID technology to choose the specification they prefer and view it on the screens. Once the design is complete, the customer can put an NFC device on the table to take the configuration with them without even pressing a button.

Likewise, users who wish to request or reserve a Polestar can carry out the entire process on the Polestar website, either from their home or in the ‘Space’ itself with the help of the firm’s specialists.

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