Polestar opens a design competition for “a high-performance vehicle”

Polestar has just announced the arrival of the third edition of its annual vehicle design competition. For this occasion, the main idea that the participants must develop will be that of create a fully electric “high-performance vehicle”.

In previous editions of said contest, designs were carried out on how the vehicles manufactured by Polestar should look like in 20 years or present models from segments yet to be explored. However, for this edition Polestar has made a call to amateur designers, students or simply amateurs who know how to develop the design of a vehicle, to present a possible future sports model.

The contest has already started its presentation process so that those interested in participating can execute their proposals. In general terms, Polestar gives creators a lot of room to “let their imaginations run wild”, as the brand puts it. However, there is only one rule and that is that the vehicle presented must be seen as something possible and viable and not as a model that comes from the “realm of fantasy”.

The possibility that Polestar gives to create said high-performance vehicle is total, since it can be a “usual” car or something completely different and new, as long as it follows the rules established for said contest.

According to Polestar, high-performance vehicles have their roots in thermal mechanics and the consequent expulsion of harmful gases; so much so that the current electric vehicles themselves drink from those initial designs. Thus, they want to look for “the antithesis of the classical language” and must visually show a new form of performance and have its own mechanical system that allows it to be carried out.

Polestar will announce two winners: exterior and interior design

Designers who want to enter to participate can do so sending your proposals between the next 22 and 31 August. On the official website of the Polestar contest you can find out all the bases and possibilities that the brand offers for said contest. Once all the applications have been received and the registration process has been closed, the company will shortlist ten models designed by professionals, as well as an additional ten from students or hobbyists.

These twenty first chosen will have the possibility of having remote orientation sessions and support from Polestar’s own designers to perfect their proposals. Subsequently, the contest will continue until November 1 when five finalists from each section (professionals and students) will be announced. Finally, the contest will conclude on November 11 when the winners will be announced.

This year there will be two winners, as the brand seeks to provide award for the best exterior design and also the best interior. All entries will be judged by Maximilian Missoni, Head of Design at Polestar, Juan Pablo Bernal, Senior Design Manager, as well as Sam Livingstone, Director of Vehicle Design Research.

The winning model of exterior design will be converted into a 1:1 scale life-size vehicle and will be publicly displayed at the upcoming Shanghai Motor Shownext April 2023. The interior of this model is intended to be the winner of the other category, although this will depend on whether it is possible or not.

As Maximiliam Missoni himself pointed out, being able to present the design of a vehicle at the same stand where Polestar shows its latest developments it is an opportunity for new designers who want to enter the business. With this, Polestar intends to encourage and support new talents within the electric automotive sector.

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