Polestar gets mysterious with a small detail that has gone unnoticed

At Polestar they know how important it is to launch good products and generate interest. Following a policy very similar to that of Tesla, although with clear differences, the Swedish brand does nothing but attract attention. Being in the spotlight of the news allows you to spread your name to the four winds. A game that they are playing wonderfully both in launches and in rumors. The last of them has emerged after a small detail that has gone unnoticed. What is Polestar hiding from us at the launch of Polestar 6?

Although the first product of the house has been the Polestar 2, a sensible electric crossover and great value for money, looking to the future the Swedes, supported by the impressive structure of the Geely Group, have ambitious plans to conquer some upper segments that add value to the company’s image. Electric sports cars are far from being the best-selling models of each house, but they serve to attract attention and customersand it is in that segment where we have to focus.

Just a few days ago Polestar announced that it will finally put the spectacular Polestar O2 prototype into production. The electric roadster will receive the name of Polestar 6, and will not reach the market before 2026. There are still four years left for that moment, many things can change, but in the offices they are very clear that it is necessary to target such passionate segments as sports cars to conquer a more select and exclusive clientele. They have the image, now they just need the benefits to accompany it.

With everyone engrossed in the official Polestar 6 announcement, the little details have gone unnoticed. After posting five images on the Instagram account, the last one reveals something mysterious to us. A tarp-covered car that shouldn’t be there. It makes no sense that at the launch of a product the brand puts a car covered by a tarpaulin next to it. What are they covering? Rumors have quickly spread across the net. Some pointed to a twin sports coupé, while others, more daring, announce the Polestar 7.

Within that game of strategy and confusion, Polestar has added more mystery to the game. Asked on Twitter about the enigmatic model, Polestar replied: “Only time will tell”. The possibility of a sister model of the Polestar 6 gains strength due to the great resemblance it shares with it. Canvas leaves much to the imagination and speculation, but the similarities are clear. Is it possible that Polestar wants to offer two bodies of the same car? Everything points to yes, although, only time will tell.

What we do know is that the next few years are very active for the Swedish brand. With the Polestar 2 reaping good numbers around the world, the next launch is scheduled for the end of this year, the Polestar 3. After it will come the largest SUV of the house, the Polestar 4, scheduled to see the light at throughout 2023. At the end of that course, the Polestar 5 will make an appearance, the high-performance GT sedan that we could already see ascending the Goodwood FoS hill. Very intense years of work ahead.

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