Polestar cuts its sales forecasts for this 2022 by 15,000 units

It’s happening on all brands. When everyone expected that 2022 would become a year of recovery, multiple difficulties are affecting the automotive industry. Almost all brands are experiencing delays in production and delivery of supplies. Polestar has also not been able to escape the cruelty of the situation and for that reason it cuts its forecasts for this course, reducing the estimated deliveries by up to 15,000 units.

Polestar has started strong. Volvo’s electric brand has been launched into a market that has welcomed it with open arms. Despite having only one model, the Polestar 2, the reception has been good. so good that the directors of the brand estimated to make approximately a total of 50,000 units for this year 2022. Although none of them had the multiple alterations that have shaken the industry.

The main cause of the loss of 15,000 deliveries is none other than China. Polestar is owned by Geely, and although the company’s headquarters are in Sweden, production takes place in China.. The Asian country has experienced a very tough start to the year due to the strong outbreaks of the COVID-19 pandemic. The authorities have taken containment measures to the extreme, forcing the population to confine themselves to their homes and the industry to paralyze all its activity.

Polestar 2

This situation that has lasted for weeks has ruined any possible forecast for this year 2022. Giants like Tesla or Volkswagen have lost thousands of units along the way, producing a bottleneck that will be difficult to eliminate. Despite setbacks, Polestar remains positive. Last year signed a total of 21,000 deliveries worldwide, and for this year, despite the new calculation, the figure will double reaching 50,000 units, maybe more.

Strategy 2024

But none of this seems to bother the company’s long-term plans. Polestar announced that its strategy included the delivery of 290,000 vehicles in 2025, a very optimistic figure that they maintain despite the new downward calculation for this 2022. To compensate for the time lost during confinement, Polestar has doubled down on efforts at the factory by introducing a second shift with which he hopes to recover part of the lost production throughout the coming year, if there are no new setbacks.

In this strategy of almost 300,000 vehicles per year in 2025, not only will the Polestar 2 be present. The firm has announced the launch of three new models before the end of 2024. With the names Polestar 3, Polestar 4, the range of vehicles will grow with the arrival of more commercial models, specifically SUVs. The only exception will be the Polestar 5. It will be a large electric sedan that will try to position itself against similar models such as the Mercedes EQS or the BMW i7 with an approximate launch price of 100,000 euros.

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