Polestar and Citroën close a “secret” agreement regarding the famous chevron logo

At the end of 2020, Polestar encountered an unexpected obstacle in Franceto receive the complaint from Citroën about the “reasonable” similarities between the logos of both companies. A French court fined Polestar €150,000 for damages and paralyzed the marketing of the brand’s products in France. Although at that time the firm did not operate in France, the decision represented a setback in the future plans of the company.

Although the Citroën and Polestar logos they are completely different and distinguishableboth have two chevrons, which since the end of the 1914 war became the emblem of the French brand. The carved wooden gears that André Citroën discovered in Poland in 1900 became the symbol of the company, which began to manufacture them in steel.

In the long legal battle that the two companies began, Polestar was the big loser since, in addition to the fine and the ban on the sale of its electric cars in France, it had to include a message to visitors to the company’s French website. It stated that “Access to the Polestar site is not possible for the French public due to territorial restrictions on the use of French registered trademarks n° 016898173 and n° 01689532”.

However, and without mediating any type of public sentence, all this arguing has disappearedaccording to the French newspaper Le Monde which has published the end of the dispute agreed by both manufacturers. For now there is no official explanation for this change, although a Citroën spokesman responded to the publication’s queries: “The complaints have been withdrawn. The case is closed.”

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Citroën asked a European court to expand the French ruling to the entire European Union earlier this year.

It is not clear if finally Polestar has paid Citroën to make the problem go away. Automotive News Europe points out that it is a surprising development considering that Citroën applied to a European court to expand the French ruling to the entire European Union at the beginning of this year. This situation, which could become an even bigger problem, may have pushed Polestar to reach an agreement, but it is also possible that the details of the agreement remain secret forever.

Now that the battle with Citroën is over, it is possible that Polestar decides to sell its electric cars in France. Although there are no official statements from the Swedish manufacturer, the French market may now be very succulent as during the first quarter of 2022, sales of fully electric and hybrid models represented almost 40% of new cars, compared to 38 .3% of conventional gasoline models, according to Reuters data.

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