Polestar already sells more than Alfa Romeo and Jaguar, and it does so only with electric cars

Polestar began its journey as an independent manufacturer of the Volvo firm just over two years ago, and at this point it can already boast of better sales than other manufacturers that have been established for decades among the main players in the European motor industry, such as Jaguar and Alfa. Romeo, and having done so by marketing only electric cars.

This is reflected in the data related to the commercial results of the first quarter of 2022, exposed by Car Industry Analysis graphically in their different social network profiles (all based on Jato Dynamics numbers. In them Polestar has overtaken both Jaguar and Alfa Romeoand although its sales are still far from the top positions, it shows the potential of Polestar as a firm.

The Swedish firm, commanded by the brand’s former designer, Thoma Ingelath, has managed to market a total of 6,508 units of its two models, the Polestar 1 and Polestar 2, during the first three months of the year, while Jaguar has settled for 6,386 units and Alfa Romeo with 5,246.

Table of sales by manufacturers during the first quarter of 2022.
Table of sales by manufacturers during the first quarter of 2022.

Therefore, the more than 6,500 units that Polestar has sold in Europe have enabled it to reach the thirty-fourth position, just ahead of the other two premium manufacturers, who occupy the thirty-fifth and thirty-sixth positions.

However, Polestar’s sales are still far from the top of the table, as well as from the reference manufacturer in terms of electric cars, Tesla. Elon Musk’s firm has managed to put on the streets of Europe during this first quarter 59,426 units of its Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Ywhich have also been proclaimed as the best-selling electric cars in the world during the first three months of this 2022.

As for Polestar, it should be noted that the bulk of the figures include deliveries of the Polestar 1, which is not 100% electric, but a plug-in hybrid, although its production is limited to 1,500 units globally, so most of sales correspond to deliveries of the Polestar 2, which is completely electric.

Polestar 2.

In addition, the Swedish electric firm has not yet fully started its commercialization in all the countries in which it plans to sell its electric cars. In Spain, the brand has just launched its website, while the announcement of the prices of the electric Polestar 2 for our country goes back only a month. That is why, therefore, sustained and gradual growth is expected as the brand establishes itself commercially in all the countries it wants to reach.

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