Pipegun #1, an electric scooter with the spirit of a BMX bike

From Istanbul, Tozz Bikes propose a new single person electric vehicle which, due to its configuration, is classified as a scooter but that due to its retro appearance could well remind that of a bmx bike. The idea of ​​this Turkish company is to add a little fun to the daily commute around town, doing it in a comfortable way and with a good dose of differentiating design. The scooters will be available from this January in a very limited edition of just 20 units and two versions of mechanical configuration.

Burak Kazar founded Tozz Bike earlier this year with the help of his partner, Emre Kuvvetli, with the idea of ​​giving a return to design and utility of the one-person electric vehicles that are invading cities. “Electric mobility products on the market are designed and developed to move people from point A to point B in a short time and with minimal energy consumption.” However Kazar believes most of them are designed to meet these requirements, but need something else “to be more fun and even unconventional”.

Pipegun 1 electric scooter BMX-indoor

Minimalist and distinctive design, based on classic scooters, kickbikes and BMX bikes.

The result of this philosophy is the Pipegun #1 or PG-1presented at the recent Turkey Design Week, an electric scooter that will initially be manufactured in a very limited way, since only 20 units will see the light. The design is half horse between a conventional scooter and a kickbike scooter. From the first it inherits the fact that it is made up of a platform on which you travel standing on two wheels and with a stem with a handlebar to control the direction. From the scooters called kickbike inherits very big wheelsalthough in this case the same on both axles, 20 inches, when this second type of scooter has a front wheel with a larger diameter than the rear.

The PG-1 will have two variants they differ by the power unit and the battery. In both cases, the minimalist frame is made of stainless steel and the handlebar has an appearance that is what gives it the aesthetics of BMX bicycles, designed above all to offer extra handling and fun. In addition, the red Salt Tracer BMX tires collaborate to offer a totally differentiating image. The set is completed with hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels and an LED light bar at the front of the platform base.

Pipegun 1 electric scooter BMX-motor

Bafang electric motor in the rear wheel of Pipegun #1.

The simplest model has a bafang electric motor located in the hub of the rear wheel and that offers a power of 250W and a couple of 45Nm. Its maximum speed is 25km/h and, according to the manufacturer, it is capable of ascending slopes of up to 12 degrees. The lithium-ion battery, of which the capacity has not been communicated, promises a range of 45 kilometers.

The second option, more powerful, has a motor also from Bafang of 500W which raises the output torque to 60Nm which allows you to reach 35km/h. It is powered by a larger capacity battery that reaches 60 kilometers of autonomy.

Pipegun 1 electric scooter BMX-battery

Pipegun #1’s battery sits on the frame platform.

What Tozz Bike has not made clear is how the power is delivered by the electric motor. The design seems to suggest that the ground kick is amplified in a similar way to how German manufacturer Scrooser’s electric scooters work, rather than being based on a simple throttle located on the handlebar grip.

For now, Tozz Bike has not revealed any more features of the PG-1 beyond the pre-order opening and the sale price, which will start in 2,100 dollars (about 1,850 euros).

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