Peugeot confirms the name and shows the first image of its next hybrid

Peugeot considers that its current range is not complete. Despite having an outstanding model for each market segment, the French want to dare with little-explored alternative formats. The Peugeot 408 will enter those fields. The return of the Peugeot 400 series to Europe will be marked by a compact sedan with a country look that will not be able to leave anyone indifferent. At the moment, the French have only given us a small preview of what its front will look like, although the image hides details to take into account.

In addition to the new logo and the new typography that Peugeot is applying to its latest releases. It is necessary to emphasize the chrome elements as a cascade of the grill. Looking a little closer we discover that these details are finished off in a very subtle blue color. That same decorative strategy is what we can see in other electrified cars from the French house, such as the Peugeot e-2008. That means we can expect electric versions of the new 408.

Peugeot itself defines the 408 as an unexpected model. In the era of SUVs, alternative bodies are gaining weight to try to attract the customer who is still reluctant to go out of fashion. With a three-volume compact saloon format, the Peugeot 408 will sport typical crossover elements such as greater ground clearanceand different decorative elements such as black plastics protecting the wheel arches and the entire lower part of the side.

Peugeot 408 20
Spy photograph of the Peugeot 408.

As for the mechanical alternatives, the 408 will offer a wide and varied selection of engines, from conventional thermal drives to electrified and plug-in solutions. The plug-in units will have the same hybrid systems that we can see in the range of the new 308 and 3008 Hybrid. With 180, 225 and 300 horsepower, the scheme has a lithium-ion battery with a 12.4 kWh capacity that allows electric ranges of approximately 60 kilometers. For recharging, low-power systems of up to 7.4 kW in alternating current will be chosen, which will allow the entire battery to be recovered in less than two hours.

Although they are not confirmed, the incorporation of 100% electric versions is possible. Currently, Peugeot offers only three electric models in the range, the 208, the 2008 and the Rifter. Although it is possible that a hypothetical e-408 mounts a scheme derived from these, the most logical thing is to think of its own set with greater benefits and autonomy. With a battery like the one in the Citroën ë-C4, with a 50 kWh capacity, the 408 could have an electric range of approximately 350 kilometres.

Peugeot 408 17
Spy photograph of the Peugeot 408.

Soon we will leave doubts. Peugeot hopes to present the entire 408 in just a few weeks. It will be then when we discover all the secrets that are hidden behind this new approach of the French brand. A three-volume, compact camper saloon that will offer electrified versions. Its marketing will not start until the last quarter of the year, we imagine that with a starting price slightly higher than that of a Peugeot 308.

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