Owners of an electric car do not want to save the world, although they do it in the process

The argument that the electric car is, above all, a tool to reduce pollution of the automobile fleet worldwide, is the one used by governments and authorities to promote its adoption. Study after study, ensure that this transformation is essential so that legislation must be adapted to convince shoppers to make a mindset shift. Nevertheless, a study conducted by Polestar confirms what we all imagine: the ecological argument is not the main reason to buy an electric car.

The study conducted by Polestar in the United States is based on a survey of 5,086 drivers of an electric car in which they were asked about the reasons for their purchase and more specifically about their particular environmental motivations. The result obtained by the Swedish firm evidences a reality that was on everyone’s lips.

At the time of making the decision, the 55% of respondents I didn’t have environmental reasons in mind. Analyzing more deeply these data, there is a hopeful reason in them. There are big differences in age steps when giving more or less weight to this argument, because it is much more evident and more important in the range between the 18 and 24 years.

Regarding the rest of the arguments, for the majority of those surveyed, the 48%the main reason for choosing an electric car was motivated by the economic savings on fuel. The oldest performance and comfort handling is the argument chosen by the 30% of the drivers.

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Technology, connectivity and updates are revealed as an important reason for buying an electric car, even above performance: it is the “new luxury” of the automobile industry.

Polestar discovers with this study that nothing less than 40% cites in his answers the desire to enjoy a modern infotainment system, with high possibilities of connectivity and upgradeable. Sweeping for home, Polestar highlights that this is one of the reasons why the firm chose to implement the Android Automotive system for the dashboard of its electric cars, also wrapped in “exceptional care in the environment that the driver perceives when he is on board them”.

Gregor Hembrough, director of Polestar for North America talks like this about the new idea of ​​luxury that is currently prevailing in the purchase of cars. The premium character of the brands, which was based in many cases on the performance of the propulsion systems, is giving way to other premises. “The idea of ​​luxury depending on what’s ‘under the hood’ gives way in the electric age to prioritizing seamless connectivity, integration into existing digital ecosystems, and good digital system design.”

The technology with which they have to coexist inside the car overcomes environmental reasons because it is more “visible” and provides satisfaction at the moment of being used. “People buy an electric car for personal reasons.” In the backgroundthe goal of reducing pollution of the planet is achieved in the same way, because this technology, finally, is helping an increasing number of electric cars circulate on the roads. “Polestar’s focus on car technology means they can have whatever they want in an eco-friendly package.”

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