Olymp Cars arrives from Austria to be a new electric brand, these are its plans

With Greek mythology as the main axis, the brand Olymp Cars is presented to the world with an electric SUV as attractive as it is unique. Electric mobility has led to the creation of multiple and innovative brands. From Austria comes one last and interesting electric vehicle firm that wants to stand up to several of the main commercial segments. The Ares is just the first of many already being developed on a exclusive platform called Hephaistos, Hephaestus, the Greek God of the forge and fire.

At the moment, Olymp Cars has not produced or manufactured a single vehicle, but it does have several interesting ones in mind. The company’s plans warn that by the spring of next year they will be ready to present their first models. The first of these is expected to be the so-called Olypm Hermes. An e-transporter vehicle that will be able to offer a range of up to 700 kilometers in the WLTP homologation cycle. Its manufacture is scheduled for the middle of next year.

Thanks to the Austrian newspaper, motor.atit is known that the Hermes will be succeeded by many different models, including the SUV Olymp Ares with an approximate measurement of 4.8 meters and an approved autonomy of at least 600 kilometers. Together with him they want to launch the Apollo and Athena sedans. In these cases, the details that have transpired are much smaller, although it is known that the platform will be the same, the Hephaestus structure that will be able to adapt to various formats, models, and sizes thanks to its scalable nature.

The first data announce autonomy ranges between 450 and 700 kilometers with a maximum power output of up to 257 kW, about 345 horses. The idea of ​​launches around this platform also includes an electric pick-up under the name of Hera, the Greek goddess of family, marriage, motherhood and women. If it were to be mass-produced, it would be one of the first electric trucks on the European market, although no details are given of when it would reach the market or if it really will.

The idea of ​​Olymp Cars is to start with the transport vehicle and continue with more commercial products. Regarding the company itself, there are two companies behind the development: Abo-Drive, a subscription vehicle company, and Modern Mobility, a company dedicated to providing different services related to mobility. Elias Skodras, the CEO of Modern Mobility, has highlighted that Olymp Cars is not a car manufacturer as such, but they have taken vehicle development under his control with the help of various experts.

Although the company wants to position itself in the European market, it is unknown where the production of the various units would take place, although point out that they already have partners in Germany and Austria. The batteries will be supplied by a Chinese company, which is unknown, and in terms of sale and distribution, managers are considering from a direct sale to various subscription or lease formats. A new electric mobility company is born, like many others, now it only remains to be seen how far it is capable of reaching.

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