OL+EM, a custom built titanium electric bike weighing just 13kg

The OL+EM electric bike it can be considered as a high-end model, almost exclusive, since each of its owners will receive a vehicle made to measure. In a scenario in which the electric bicycle market has grown thanks above all to cheap models and, in general, of low quality, this vehicle goes out of the ordinary since its mtitanium and carbon fiber bow and its high-end components they are assembled by hand to create a unique vehicle for each customer.

The bike has been created by British designer Kevin Champion and gets its curious name OL+EM (pronounced “O, L and erm”) from the initials of his two children, Oliver and Emily. The picture of him is made by hand using aerospace grade titanium tubing According to the body measurements of each of the buyers. In turn, the fork is carbon fiberwhich helps to absorb the irregularities of the ground, since it lacks any other type of cushioning.

The electric motor that assists the cyclist’s pedaling is the Bafang M800, centrally located on the bottom bracket hub. Its power output is 200W and is capable of generating a torque of 55 Nm. The maximum speed at which it assists is 25km/h in Europe (complying with EPAC regulations) and 40 km/h in the United States.

electric bike OL+EM titanium by hand-indoor1
Bafang M800 electric motor of the OL+EM electric bicycle.

Allows you to choose between three levels of assistance, including an option that eliminates electrical support altogether. To do this, it has a controller and an LCD screen located on the handlebar that also includes information on the status of the battery and data on the route such as instantaneous speed or distance.

To power the motor is included a 3d printed battery and mounted on the inclined tube, in the position in which the water boat would usually be found. It works at 36 volts and it is possible to choose between two capacities, which give the name to the two versions of the bicycle. The Spring works at 7 Ah and therefore offers a capacity of 252Whwith which you can traverse to 70 kilometers with each charge. The tours It’s something bigger 378Whsince it works at 10.5 Ah and with it you can reach the 100 kilometers of autonomy. In both cases, these figures may vary depending on the cyclist’s constitution, their request for assistance, the orography of the route and even the temperature.

electric bicycle OL+EM titanium by hand-inside2
Battery printed in 3D and mounted on the inclined tube of the OL+EM electric bicycle, in the position where the water bottle would usually be found.

Both batteries are removable so that they can be recharged in any domestic outlet. In the first case this operation will take approximately 2.5 hours and in the second 3 hours. There is also another difference between them: the Tour includes the possibility to be blocked on the frame when the bike is parked to prevent it from being stolen.

Another option that can be chosen when purchasing the bicycle is the exchange rate. There are two options: a Shimano Alfine 11-speed rear hub drivetrain or an Enviolo Autimatiq continuously variable drivetrain. Two saddle options are also available: Brooks or Ergon.

electric bicycle OL+EM titanium by hand-inside3
There are two options for shifting on the OL+EM e-bike: a Shimano Alfine 11-speed rear hub drivetrain or an Enviolo Autimatiq continuously variable drivetrain.

Other features of the OL+EM e-bike, already common to both variants, are Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes, a Gates Carbon belt drive, 27.5-inch White Industries rims, Crankbrothers pedals, hoses/cables internally routed and Supernova headlights and taillights, with auto on/off based on ambient light. The whole set is very light since the bike weighs only 13 kilograms.

The OL+EM will therefore be quite an exclusive electric bike since Champion plans to manufacture 100 units each year. Right now in the micro-financing phase through the Indiegogo platformwhere they are only available to investors 20 units. As expected, it is not an affordable electric bicycle since it will cost €6,350 for those who bet on the project during this phase. When buying it outside the platform, the price will amount to €7,500. If Champion’s plans are fulfilled, the first units will reach their sponsors in July of this year.

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