Northern Light Motors introduces its new affordable urban electric vehicle

The new British company Northern Light Motors has presented its new electric vehicle for urban personal transport, which, despite its risky design, is the model that will finally be put on the market. This already admits reservations through its official website after the payment of a deposit of 250 pounds (almost 300 euros at the current exchange rate), while the first deliveries are scheduled for after the summer.

Aesthetically, the model is quite striking. It has an elongated and very narrow bodywork, in the purest style of a single-seater from the beginning of the last century. Its wheels are the same as those of a bicycle and it installs two of them on the front axle and only one in the rear central area. in the front features a main LED light located in the center and other smaller ones on the axles of the front wheels. In the rear it has an LED type position and with some indicators for the highest range variants.

Northern Light Motors-2
The image of Northern Light Motors will not leave anyone indifferent

Its dimensions are completely reduced, since it has a length of just 3.4 meters, a total width of 1.28 meters and a height of 1.15 meters. According to the company, despite its measurements, a person of medium size should not have any problems of habitability inside. The passenger compartment has the possibility of being protected against the rain thanks to a small removable textile element located like an umbrella over the hole. From the company they affirm that inside there is a small loading hole in which “3 or 4 supermarket bags” can be transported. The steering of the model will be carried out by means of a convenient handlebar where several buttons are also installed.

Northern Light Motors offers your vehicle under three mechanical options. The first of them and as access to the range, is the so-called 428-Blue, which is positioned directly as a “standard” bicycle since it does not have electrical mechanical elements and its propulsion is based on the occupant’s own pedaling. This has a 10-speed gearbox and hydraulic disc brakes; the total weight of this is 42 kilos. This model, as its name suggests, is decorated in blue. Its price starts at 4,000 pounds sterling (almost 4,700 euros to change).

Northern Light Motors-4
Its interior is completely minimalist

A step above this is the so-called 557-Green and which does have electrical mechanical support. This has an exterior decoration in green and has a 250 W electric motor that is powered by a 10.5 Ah battery. This allows you to have a maximum electric range of 80 kilometers. The total weight of this variant is 54 kilos and its price starts at 5,000 pounds sterling (about 5,800 euros). Additionally, this model has a USB charging port, an interior digital screen and more resistant tires.

Lastly, Northern Light Motors offers the 630-Red at the top of the list. This presents a body decorated mainly in red and fairing wheels. Mechanically it incorporates a 48 volt 20 Ah battery that powers an electric motor with 1.5 kW maximum power. This allows you to reach a maximum speed of 50 km / h and a range of up to 65 kilometers. The purchase price of this variant amounts to 6,000 pounds sterling (7,000 euros at the exchange rate).

Northern Light Motors-3
The 630-Red variant will have an electric range of up to 65 kilometers

Currently the company only has homologation for the sale of its vehicles in the United Kingdom, although, according to what they say, they are already working on the homologation for their commercialization in Europe and the United States. The 428-Blue variant will have standard bicycle homologation, since it does not have an electric motor; the 557-Green is presented as an electric bicycle and, finally, the top of the range 630-Red is classified as a moped.

Additionally, the firm has a catalog of extras that can be added to its three models, especially the 428-Blue and 557-Green to improve their specifications and capabilities. Among these extras is a larger capacity battery, stronger tires, high capacity brakes, GPS tracker or rear cameraamong others.

Those responsible for the company have previously worked in such prestigious firms as TVR, Jaguar, Land Rover or Bentley, among others. Graham Browne, the firm’s CEO, worked as an automotive designer focusing on sports and lightweight vehicles, including such emblematic models as the TVR Sagaris or the TVR T400R.

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