Niu KQi2 Pro: this is NIU’s cheapest electric scooter to date

In addition to electric motorcycles, the electric mobility giant NIU has also taken advantage of the last EICMA held in the Italian city of Milan to present a new model that will be added to its range of electric scooters. Its about NIU KQi2 Proa scooter that by the time it arrives will be positioned as the access step to its range of electric vehicles.

Along with the KQi2 Pro, NIU has also taken the opportunity to present the production version of what will be its flagship electric motorcycle, the NIU RQi Sportin addition to the MQi GT EVO and presenting the first data of the YQi, a hybrid motorcycle that is still under the signature of a conceptual model.

The new NIU KQi2 Pro arrives to complete the range of NIU electric scooters from the bottom, thus positioning itself as a more affordable alternative to the KQi3 Sport and KQi3 Pro, with prices of 699 and 599 euros respectively in Spain. The new NIU KQi2 Pro will be priced at 499 eurosas announced by the brand in the statement.

However, in this statement they have not given any technical data regarding its motor or battery, so we will have to wait for its commercial landing in Spain to finish knowing the KQi2 Pro in its entirety. The brand has only declared that its maximum speed will be limited to 25 kilometers per hourwhich in turn is the legal maximum allowed by the European framework for any personal mobility vehicle.


Yan Li, CEO of NIU Mobility, commented on the launch of the KQi2 Pro: “We believe it will quickly become Europe’s favorite urban mobility vehicle.”

Thus, the Chinese manager aims high with the expectations about this electric scooter, and a priori it is not for less, although the fact of being located in the lower part of the brand’s range means that it has to face directly the best-selling models in Europe, among those that undoubtedly command the Xiaomi Mi Scooter at a commercial level, although the Xiami models are still more affordable than today’s protagonist. However, NIU always proposes a superior quality point in return with which it hopes to compensate for the technical aspect.

Aesthetically, the new model makes use of the aesthetic resources that have characterized the first model of the brand, the KQi3, with a headlight that inherits the led ring that in turn gives it the light signatureand a platform of flowing lines.

The new NIU KQi2 Pro will be available in two different colors, a metallic gray and a more basic white, and is expected to arrive at its points of sale in Europe during this next 2022.

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