NIO pushes ahead with plans to build electric cars outside of China

The Chinese do not stop or stop at nothing. NIO is on track to become one of the major players in the global electric car market. Although many could brand it as a startup, the reality is that the Chinese company has already conquered its own land, and now it is the turn of other markets such as Europe and America, where the strategy to follow seems to be even more aggressive than that of the old continent. NIO plans to build a factory in American territory and is already recruiting the necessary people for it.

NIO has four years of life. Less than five years in which we have seen them go from a simple and promising Chinese manufacturer to an electric force of great proportions. A few months ago NIO celebrated the production of its 200,000th car, a great milestone for the company, but a grain of sand in the immense desert that is the world car market. Despite this discreet role, the figure has been achieved in record time, which has encouraged the company’s managers to continue advancing rapidly.

In May 2021 NIO officially arrived in Europe. Its access route has been, as for many others, the Nordic countries. From the north, the Chinese have gradually penetrated the entire continent. Although the presence and sales are still residual, the name of the company is already beginning to circulate through the ears of potential buyers. who see in the brand an alternative to the expensive products of European manufacturers. A similar case is that of MG, which in a short time has gone from being practically unknown to leading the sales of plug-in hybrid vehicles in our country.


NIO plans contemplate a landing in 25 different countries around the world. That includes America’s promised land. Some time ago we learned that the company was looking for its first workers in local territory. Stalls began to hint at the more than possible landing. During this contracting phase, NIO has also been looking for land to install its offices. Now we have also been able to know that the presence in the country can be extended further with the construction of a factory, the first outside of China.

New job offers point directly to the hiring of the personnel necessary to plan the construction of a large factory in the San José, California area, near the company’s headquarters. Positions as experts in infrastructure planning betray official intentions. The first rumors suggest that NIO would follow a strategy of assembling complete kits from China. The large pieces would arrive by ship and would be assembled in American territory. A format that would be possible for the first steps of the brand in the country.

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