NIO points to the United States: it wants to start selling officially in 2025

It is clear that the Chinese stop at nothing. Although the new US policies seek to penalize foreign electric cars, more and more rumors suggest that NIO wants to enter the US market from next 2025. In fact, he hopes to start flirting with the Americans this year with the installation of the first battery exchange station on a trial basis.

At the end of last year, important news broke: NIO was looking for its first workers in the United States. With the opening of a new office in the town of San Jose, in the State of Californiathe Chinese began with the recruitment of their first workers in American territory. Months later those plans were still underway, pointing to NIO’s intention to build the first production plant outside of China in the United States. Today, those plans point to a new horizon that is no less complicated.

As reported by the specialized portal Electric-Vehicles, NIO has a very aggressive presentation schedule. The Chinese have set out to land on the American market in 2025 with a commercial offer yet to be determined. During the last presentation ceremony, the CEO of the company announced that His intention is for the company to be present in 25 different markets before the end of the decade. A rapid expansion in which Europe will receive almost all the leading role.

NIO adds the option to purchase batteries for customers who do not want to continue exchanging them.
NIO will open the first Battery Swap in the United States in November as a test

NIO is already present in some countries of the old continent such as Germany, Norway or the Netherlands. Sales are still residual, but rapid expansion is expected in the coming years. Spain, France, Italy, Portugal or Switzerland, among others, will be the company’s next targets. All the rumors suggest that it will be next year when NIO enters these new territories, continuing with its gradual expansion the following courses, crossing the pond in 2025, although there are still many questions to be resolved.

Last week the Government of Joe Biden announced a very important electricity plan for the coming years. American drivers will have at their fingertips important advantages and benefits when purchasing an electric car, although the American brands will benefit the most. As of 2023, all cars that have components produced in China will be exempt from receiving any aid package. A hard setback that does not seem to matter too much to NIO.

The brand hopes to be able to compensate for the lack of subsidies with a commercial offer whose prices are affordable for many drivers. Be that as it may, NIO is clear that 2025 will be the year in which he makes the leap to his particular American dream. Many things can change until then, although for the moment the regulations are not particularly flattering with foreign brands. Europe has already officially shown its discontent with the measure, warning of a possible breach of the rules set by the World Trade Organization.

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