Nikola Tre BEVs and FCEVs open orders for Europe

No one can deny the tremendous impact Nikola has brought to the heavy truck segment. The company wants to enter the emerging market for emission-free electrified industrial vehicles. The Nikola Tre is the jewel in the crown, a tractor capable of offering different mechanical approaches. Hereinafter the Nikola Tre BEV and FCEV are available for the European market. The reservation books are already open, although deliveries will be delayed by more than a year.

Over the last few years we have talked at length about Nikola. The American company based in Phoenix, in the State of Arizona in the United States, has been one of the great revolutions in the heavy industrial segment. Although throughout its brief history it has gone through difficult times, such as the legal problems of its founder, Trevor Milton, the company has not relented in its efforts to become a reference within the new categories of electric and battery-powered vehicles. gas.

Hydrogen model features different styling than electric model

Although the 100% electric model has already been working on the ground for a few months, the United States has been the first country to enjoy the revolutionary technologies, until now. Nikola finally opens the order books for electric and hydrogen units on European soil, thus joining the growing supply of trucks with zero emissions. Mercedes and Volvo reign in Europe, although soon they will have a new rival.

The official announcement includes the Nikola Tre BEV (electric) and Tre FCEV (hydrogen battery) versions. Customers who wish can now make their reservations for any of the two versions, each one more interesting. Regarding the hydrogen model, Nikola announces a power of 645 horsepower and a autonomy close to 800 kilometers thanks to a 70-kilogram tank. The most positive part is that recharging times are reduced to just 20 minutes, although the problem lies in finding a charging station within the still scarce network.

The driving position stands out for extensive digitalization and numerous technologies

Regarding the electric model, the offer will include different versions in terms of autonomy and battery capacity. The higher range option has a immense lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 753 kWh that allows autonomy of more than 500 kilometers to be obtained with a recharge time of 10 to 80% in two hours in high-power chargers of 240 kW. Like the hydrogen model, the declared power is 645 horsepower.

Regarding terms and prices, the American company estimates that the first units can be delivered to customers during the first quarter of 2024. Manufacturing will take place at Iveco’s facilities in the German city of Ulm. Regarding prices, the company has not offered specific figures. If we take the American figures as a reference, we would be talking about amounts close to 300,000 euros, although they may vary depending on multiple factors.

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