Nikola has already delivered electric trucks to its first customers, but how many?

The North American electric truck company has published its figures for the first months of this year. Although for some they may not be entirely positive, since Nicholas they are optimistic and they refer to the fact that in the beginning you always have to make strong investments. Since the production of the electric Nikola Tre began on March 21, the company managed to deliver 11 trucks to their respective owners in April, figures that are expected to improve for the current month of May.

After a somewhat seasoned first few years of life, the electric truck company began its vehicle production just a month and a half ago. The first period so far this year, Nikola has recorded significant figures of economic losses that reach 152.9 million dollars, compared to the 120.2 million dollars it lost during the same period of 2021. The aforementioned start of manufacturing, as well as the investment necessary to undertake this step, have been to blame for such economic loss. Likewise, the company presented a revenue of 1.9 million dollars obtained through services, a figure above that expected by Wall Street investors, who predict good news in the coming years. As a counterpoint, it did not present any new income through the sale of electric trucks.

In reference to the start of production and first deliveries, the CEO of Nikola, Mark Russell, made a comment on the matter during the financial presentation, and it is that in his opinion it highlights the starting signal for the mass production of the first trucks electrical, which are produced at the plant in Coolidge, Arizona. There they have put all the elements up to date so that, as the weeks go by, they advance in the number of models manufactured. Once 2022 is over, they hope to have produced around 500 units of the electric Nikola Tre.

The Nikola Tre will have two variants, one powered by battery and the other by hydrogen.jpg
The Nikola Tre will have two variants, one powered by battery and the other by hydrogen.jpg

This estimated production number for 2022 would be adjusted to the number of orders that the firm currently has (510). Of this number of official interested parties, a total of 134 units were ordered through official distributors of the brand in the United States. Let us remember that during the first quarter, the firm was already able to count on a production of 40 pre-series models with which it has been able to carry out demonstrations, internal tests or show them to interested clients. These models will continue with the same work, at least, during that year 2022, until the sales of the model stabilize and they can use vehicles of more recent manufacture.

However, in Nikola’s accounts not only is the battery-powered electric Tre model, but they also expect to start production of the hydrogen variant in the coming months. The company expects to be able to manufacture the first units of this version by the end of the third quarter of 2022, while its validation tests are already scheduled for the first half of 2023 and they expect to start mass production during the second half of next year. .

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