Nico Rosberg takes home the first unit of the impressive Rimac Nevera

Who could be a multimillionaire and have a Rimac Refrigerator in the garage at home. The dream of many is the reality of a lucky few. The production of the Croatian electric supercar began weeks ago, but it was not until a few days ago that the first assembled unit was delivered. The first Rimac Refrigerator already has an owner: the former Formula 1 driver, Nico Rosbergwhich adds a new jewel to the already extensive collection of cars it has.

Rimac’s story is one of those that everyone likes. Its founder, Mate Rimac, has managed to take his company from nothing to everything. Its cars and, above all, its technology, have become a world reference. Many are the companies that want to work with them. The Volkswagen Group, especially Porsche, has high hopes for the Croatian company. So many that the development of the first electric Bugatti under the Bugatti Rimac LLC company founded in the middle of last year has been ceded to him.

But returning to the topic at hand on this occasion, it is normal for the industry to melt in praise for the Croatian company. The Fridge is the last of the jewels coming out of the house. More than an electric supercar, it is one of the fastest cars in the world. Officially presented as a prototype at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, the development has involved more than three years of hard work and also the disappearance of the first four units that ended up being destroyed to analyze their safety.

After having gone through all the processes required by the industry, passing each test with flying colors, the Refrigerator takes flight as the definitive production car. It has four electric motors, one on each wheel, that generate an output power of 1,427 kW, about 1,914 horsepower. which are more than enough to catapult its 4.75 meters long. Its performance figures make it very clear that we are talking about one of the most extraordinary cars in the world. From 0 to 100 km/h in 1.97 seconds and a top speed of 412 km/h.

But the impressive data does not end there, because to all this we must add the price. Each unit of the Rimac Refrigerator is worth approximately two million euros. We say approximately because it depends largely on the details that each of their wealthy clients wants to apply. Rimac will only produce 150 units, most of them already assigned. Soon they will begin to fill the garages of the world’s great fortunes, although Nico Rosberg will always be able to say that he has the first of all. The delivery has been very special, with the presence of Mate Rimac himself.

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