New rumors suggest that Apple’s electric car could see the light in 2025

Electric mobility has encouraged many companies to take the leap. With impressive business potential, many brands outside the automotive world see electric cars as a way to expand their activities. Big tech giants like Xiaomi hope to launch their first electric cars in a few years. Those from Cupertino hope to follow that path, although the interest has not been as decisive as many expected. After a paralyzed time, new rumors suggest that the Apple Car could see the light in the year 2025.

The information collected by the German media, Automobilwoche, collects the rumors without pointing to a specific source. In recent years, Apple has been interested in electric mobility. With a high technological incentive, electric cars manage to attract the attention of everyone, from drivers to manufacturers. Several directors of the American company have left the door open on more than one occasion, showing a clear interest in this regard. The latest information in this regard was the hiring of a senior Ford executive to join the project.

However, as much experience as Apple has in the world of technology, it needs a very powerful partner to bring to fruition what would be its first electric car. This is where the problem with the project lies. With open negotiations on different fronts, those from Cupertino cannot find a stable travel companion. When the rumors cool down, it is that the negotiations have reached an impasse, and when the river sounds again, it is that there is a new protagonist on the scene, although Apple is very clear about it.

Apple Car-interior cooling system patent
Apple aspires to offer level 5 autonomy with the intention of revolutionizing mobility

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, knows that if his electric car is produced, it will not be the same as any other. Just as the iPhone revolutionized the world of mobile telephony and the iPod revolutionized the way we listen to music, the Apple Car wants to revolutionize the way we move. The new rumors indicate that it will be the year 2025 when we finally see the company’s largest and most rolling product appear on the market, although it is hard to believe the information.

2025 is not as far away as it seems. With half of the course of 2022 already consumed, time flies when we talk about developing a car. The necessary specifications, the regulations to comply with and the security obligations are much more demanding and restrictive than when we talk about a portable electronic device. A project like this, starting from scratch, takes a long time. Among the possible partners of Apple, Foxconn has sounded very strongly, with whom they have been collaborating for a long time in the technological part.

Foxconn’s open source platform will allow the Chinese company to launch several models in the coming years. Apple could take advantage of it, although it would print very particular conditions, such as the expected level 5 autonomous driving. That has always been the great objective of the American company, to offer the first fully autonomous car in the world, a vehicle that, like its devices, will revolutionize the way we move.. We will have to wait once again to see if these rumors end up being true or, on the contrary, they are just another way to keep such a complicated project alive.

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