New Orbea Kemen electric bicycles, versatility for daily life and leisure

the two new Orbea Kemen and Orbea Kemen SUV electric bikes They are designed to defend themselves without difficulty on mixed terrain. As its name indicates, the first one is more suitable for urban environments and used in everyday life while the second provides an escape route for get out of town and enter somewhat more complicated trails.

Following on from its other Vibe, Katu and Optima city bike offerings, the Kemen and Kemen SUV are two variations on a trekking bike that aspires to be useful on all terrains. To design the new Kemen range, the Basque brand wanted to offer a smart solution Packed with all the cutting-edge technology of an all-terrain machine, while saving weight for increased efficiency.

The frame and geometry of the Orbea Kemen

The Kemen bicycle frame is made of hydroformed aluminum with triple butted tubes. The manufacturer claims to have fine-tuned the wall thickness at specific points on the frame to remove material where it’s not needed to reduce weight. It has also reinforced the areas most prone to stress to give it greater resistance.

The Kemen and Kemen SUV models can be purchased in two frame options that differ in the position of the top bar. The step over, with the almost horizontal bar, more rigid, to carry load, and the step throughwith the lower bar going diagonally down to the middle of the vertical bar of the seat post.

According to Orbea, in both the Kemen and the Kemen SUV, the step-over frame is designed to offer the maximum stiffness allowing for better handling on the toughest trails even with heavy loads. Meanwhile, the step-through frame is designed to carry lighter loads and provide stability at the same time.

Electric bicycles orbea kemen kemen suv-interior2
The construction of the Kemen and Kemen SUV electric bicycles is different, which makes the first one better for riding fast in the city and the second one a machine to enjoy adventures. Image: Orbea.

The electric assistance system of the Orbea Kemen and its components

The electric system that Orbea has chosen for the Kemen range is the Shimano EP8, around which the electric bicycles are built. Both Kemen and Kemen SUV models have a 540Wh battery patented by Orbea itself and found in the widely awarded Rise range. Inside, the battery cells are placed in a cylindrical format. 21700 (21 millimeters in diameter by 7 centimeters high), similar to those used by Tesla in its electric cars. Orbea has chosen them because they can house more energy in less volumethat is, more power, in a smaller size.

Thanks to this architecture down tube can be narrower than usual in many of the electric bicycles on the market with integrated batteries. According to the manufacturer, under optimal conditions, the battery should maintain 80% of its capacity after 500 full charge-discharge cycles. In any case, it must be taken into account that the useful life of a battery can be affected by temperature, storage conditions and charging frequency.

Orbea has added its own charger, equipped with intelligence, in such a way that it can extend the useful life of the battery by up to 30%, since it is capable of adapting the charging power based on various factors such as temperature, of cells or the number of charge cycles already consumed. This, says Orbea, “prevents the battery from being overcharged” optimizing its use.

Although the fact that it is not removable may condition the use of the bicycle since it requires bringing it completely close to a plug to charge it, Orbea says that its complete integration into the down tube reduces the overall weight of the bike and improves frame stiffnesswhich translates into better and easier handling.

Electric bicycles orbea kemen kemen suv-interior1
The 540 Wh capacity battery of the Kemen and Kemen SUV electric bicycles, patented by Orbea, offers more power in less volume thanks to the 21700 cells, and allows for a narrow lower tube. The optional extra battery adds an extra 252 Wh and can be mounted to the frame.

Orbea claims that the Kemen’s battery configuration is so efficient that it offers up to five hours of pedaling. In addition, if you want to increase your autonomy even more, you can optionally purchase a Range Extender, which can be mounted on the frame and adding 252Wh extra.

The entire Kemen range includes Shimano’s Link Glide drivetrain, designed specifically for electric bikes. According to its manufacturer, it offers smooth gear changes that can withstand the stresses generated by the engines. This is due in part to the fact that it eliminates gears that are not needed with an electric motor, which also eliminates additional weight and complexity.

smart solutions

One of the key designs that Orbea is particularly proud of in relation to the Kemen range is what it has called the “cutting-edge technologies aimed at simplifying the design and eliminating unnecessary weight from the entire bike”. This section not only includes the integrated battery and its slim design, but also the integration of the wiring in the handlebar. The brake, shift, display and control gears pass internally through the inside of the handlebar tube and stem cover to enter the down tube and connect the different components of the bikes.

Electric bicycles orbea kemen kemen suv-interior3
All wiring for Kemen electric bikes and Kemen SUVs is internally routed.

In both cases, a integrated lighting system at the front and rear, in the latter case with a brake light included, which helps to communicate the cyclist’s actions to the vehicles behind.

Orbea Kemen

The first of the models, the Kemen it is designed “for speed and comfort”, according to Orbea, with an “intuitive and safe handling” that can be carried on mixed terrain. It is more oriented to use in the city. That’s why it comes equipped with longer fenders than the SUV, as well as a lightweight roof rack with plenty of mounting points and a load capacity of up to 40 pounds. The 29-inch wheels are fitted with 2.25-inch tires for a more comfortable ride on rough urban roads.

Electric bicycles orbea kemen kemen suv-interior4
Orbea Kemen 10 with top bar.

There are four models Kemen in the range: Kemen 10, Kemen Mid 10, Kemen 30 and Kemen Mid 30. At the top end of the range, the Kemen 10 is equipped with a Fox 34 Float AWL 100 Rail fork, Magura MT5 E-Stop hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano XT Link Glide 11-speed rear derailleur, OC MC20 Mountain Control dropper post, Tubeless Ready Oberon OC1 wheels and Schwalbe G-One Allround tires 29 x 2.25 inches. Its price is €4,799.

The Kemen 30, on the other hand, features a Marzocchi Bomber Z2 100 fork, Magura MT30 hydraulic disc brakes, 10-speed Shimano Deore Link Glide derailleur, no dropper post, and the same wheel and tire combo as its stablemate. The Kemen 30 is priced at €3,999.

Orbea Kemen SUV

As its name suggests, the Orbea Kemen SUV is designed for rougher terrain and more load bearing. It’s equipped with more aggressive 2.35-inch Schwalbe Johnny Watts tires for grip in wet weather. Your luggage rack is suitable for loads up to 27 kilograms. This makes it more capable of carrying, for example, a baby seat, which is not possible with the Kemen. An additional feature of the Kemen SUV’s rear rack is compatibility with Ortlieb’s QL3.1 mounting system.

Electric bicycles orbea kemen kemen suv-interior5
Orbea Kemen SUV 10 with medium bar.

The Kemen SUV range consists of four models: Kemen SUV 10, Kemen Mid SUV 10, Kemen SUV 30 and Kemen Mid SUV 30. At the top end, the Kemen SUV 10 It has a similar spec to the Kemen 10, with the key difference being the 29 x 2.35-inch Schwalbe Johnny Watts tires. The Kemen SUV 10 is priced at €4,799.

The Kemen SUV 30Like the 10, it shares many similarities with the Kemen 30, apart from the tires. Its price is €3,999.

Both the Orbea Kemen and the Orbea Kemen SUV are now available for purchase on the Orbea website and at local dealers.

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