New Mopar 500 Iride: a unique electric scooter inspired by the FIAT 500

Stellantis has just unveiled the first of a new lineage of products that its Mopar subsidiary is poised to launch as the consortium’s dedicated accessory firm. It is an electric scooter that they have baptized as Mopar 500 Iridewhich takes the electric FIAT 500 as inspiration to result in a unique electric scooter.

As Mopar’s own Spanish division has announced, being part of the gigantic consortium Stellantis It implies that sustainable mobility is the order of the day, and with products such as the Mopar 500 Iride they intend to promote “an increasingly sustainable, affordable and distinctive mobility, to imagine the “green” future of our cities”, as they have commented.

To produce the 500 Iride, Mopar has turned to specialist Ducal Companywith whom it has collaborated in the past to launch complementary products from Lancia, Alfa Romeo or FIAT itself.


Mopar 500 Iris.

In terms of style, it is clear from the first moment that the Iride 500 is inspired by the new electric FIAT 500 because of a characteristic led headlight that takes center stage. It imitates the shape and proportion of the FIAT 500 headlights and even takes from it the light signature divided into two “C”s of the legendary Italian urbanite. The rear light, meanwhile, flashes when activated.

As Mopar has announced, the Iride 500 is equipped with a 250 W power hub motorand with a full charge of its battery it can travel a distance of 30 kilometers. The maximum speed you can reach is limited to 25 kilometers per hour to adapt to current regulations. On the size of its battery Mopar has not given any data, but they do specify that it can be fully charged in four and a half hours.

In addition, Mopar also says that to drive on pedestrian streets, pedestrian mode can be activated through the application (available for Android or iOS) or directly from the screen, which limits speed to 6 kilometers per hour. It has a weight of 15 kilos and according to Mopar, thanks to its easy folding it can be carried by hand or stored in the trunk of an electric FIAT 500. To do this, it will have a cover and a 12 V power outlet with which to charge it while it is in the trunk of the car.


Mopar 500 Iris.

It will be available in two main colors, called Celestial Blue (celestial blue) and Cloud Gray (cloud gray), a third red color in commemoration of the launch of the 500 RED. On request, an extra package called Safety Pack which includes a helmet, a high visibility vest and a locking system for parking.

Mopar has announced that its electric scooter will soon be available in FIAT stores and in the Mopar Store, both for FIAT customers and any other individual, for a price of 699 euros. As with the FIAT 500 RED, part of Mopar’s profits from this RED-branded electric scooter will be donated to the RED association.

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