New Lexus RX, these are the prices of the three hybrid versions, including the plug-in

Lexus has shown the fifth generation of the RX, a premium hybrid SUV from 4.89 meters longd that now incorporates two mechanical innovations. The first is a plug-in hybrid version, RX 450h+which will be marketed in three finishes and will be priced at 84,500 euros in its access version. The second is a hybrid “turbo” version, RX500h with 371 CV of power, not pluggable. The novelty is that it uses a turbocharged gasoline engine to achieve that extra power and will be priced at €107,300. The access version with mechanics conventional hybrid will start in €77,300.

During the static presentation held in Madrid, Lexus showed a unit of the new RX, specifically the most powerful in the range, called 500h, which will be marketed in a single FSport finish. During the event, Lexus wanted to highlight the brand’s electrified offensive with a wide range of SUVs made up of the NX, the RZ and the RX. The latter provides a variety of electrified mechanical options with three versions: hybrid, plug-in hybrid and turbo hybrid.

Lexus RX plug-in hybrid suv-interior4
The unit shown during the presentation: Lexus RX 500 h.

The sales objective for Spain of this car during the year 2023 is 500 units. Of the three variants, the 450h +, plug-in hybrid, will probably be the best seller. The reason is that it offers the advantages of an electric vehicle when it has a charge in its battery and the advantages of a hybrid when it is completely depleted, so that mechanically it works the same as the hybrid version would. It therefore represents an important leap for its customers who have already tried hybrid systems.

The production of the RX will start in October this year and the first units are scheduled to be delivered by the end of the year (November December).

Exterior, interior and chassis design

All three versions are based on the new modular platform GA-Kthe same used by the NX and the ES, with which, maintaining the height and length of previous generations (based on the K), it has been possible to increase the wheelbase (wheelbase) by 60mm, which is noticeable in the space for passengers in the rear row. It is also 90 kilograms lighter than the previous one and the center of gravity is 15 mm lower. Although it offers a wider range of versions in this generation, will there be the long wheelbase versioncalled RX L and, therefore, the option of being able to have seven seats.

The rear suspension is still multi-link although there are some changes to allow the implementation of the DRS (Dynamic Rear Steering) system) in the 500h version, the most powerful. The rear wheels also turn according to the speed (maximum 5 degrees) at which you are driving: in the same direction as the front wheels at high speed (more than 50 km/h) to facilitate cornering, and in the opposite direction at high speeds (over 50 km/h). low speed to increase maneuverability.

Lexus RX plug-in hybrid suv-interior5
The new GA-K modular platform on which the Lexus RX is based allows the wheelbase to be increased.

Of the three versions, the F Sport finish of the 500h includes aesthetic changes on the bumper, grille and side skirts. Also the seats are specific and the interior details of the decoration. The unit shown in the presentation of the 500h shows good quality in the finishes and in the materials used, both in the plastics and the upholstery.

In addition to the appreciable aesthetic changes on the outside, inside the 2023 Lexus RX the equipment has been improved with a new media system faster and more likely. A 14 inch screen presides over the center of the passenger compartment and a slightly smaller one is in charge of offering the instrumentation information.

Lexus RX plug-in hybrid suv-interior3
Lexus RX dashboard screen, 14-inch standard.

In the center console between the two seats, there are numerous storage spaces, including an armrest with an interior drawer that can be opened in two directions depending on whether the driver or passenger does so.

Mechanical characteristics and versions

From the previous range that could only be chosen with a mechanic, 450h, with 313 CV, it is passed in this case to three versions. Two of them are non plug-in hybridthe 350h of 245 hp and the 500h of 371 hpand a new plug-in hybrid, 450h+ 306 hp. They all work with three engines, one gasoline and two electric one attached to the front wheels and one to the rear wheels.

The RX450h+ It has a power of 306 CV (225 kW) with which it can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 7 seconds. the battery of 18.1 kWh capacitycan be recharged from a wall socket and allows you to circulate in electric mode for 65 kilometers. The maximum speed you can drive in this mode is 135km/h. As long as the battery is charged, CO emissionstwo are less than 26 grams per kilometer. The approved consumption of this version of less than 1.2 liters per 100 kilometers.

Lexus RX plug-in hybrid suv-interior1
The new GA-K modular platform on which the Lexus RX is based allows the wheelbase to be increased.

Lexus mentions the 500h version which he calls hybrid turbo as the most interesting of the three due to the technological novelty it entails. Count with one 2.4 liter turbocharged petrol engine, a solution that none of the Japanese group’s hybrid mechanics had used to date. This and one of the electric motors are in charge of moving the front wheels, but they are not connected through a planetary gear as in the other two versions. The electric motor is integrated into a six-speed automatic gearbox with a coupling clutch.


Among the features that it incorporates, which are not new in terms of those that can be found in other models of the brand and in the competition, is the head-up display that projects the information on the windshield, the cameras that provide a view of 360 degrees around the car, inside mirror that offers the image through camera and mirror, the panoramic roof and a 21-speaker sound system.

As for the security assistantsthe Lexus Safety System +3 system includes driving aids that represent a autonomous driving level 2 (According to SAE), the market standard: lane recognition, lane-centered driving, sign recognition and a pre-collision system that stops the car if it detects an obstacle. Optionally, an automatic lane change system on the motorway and cross traffic detection can be added. Taking advantage of the fact that the doors are closed electrically by means of a button, the system prevents them from being opened in the event that this could cause an accident with a pedestrian or a cyclist.

Summary of versions and prices

As a summary, these are all the versions with their respective equipment and prices that will be available in Spain, where the first units will be delivered at the end of this year.

Lexus RX plug-in hybrid suv-interior2
Complete range and prices in Spain of the fifth generation Lexus RX.

RX 350h (conventional series hybrid)

  • Business equipment: 77,300 euros.
  • Executive equipment: 87,100 euros.

RX 450h+ (plug-in hybrid)

  • Business equipment: 84,500 euros.
  • Executive equipment: 93,900 euros.
  • Luxury equipment: 102,500 euros.

RX 500h (hybrid turbo)

  • F Sport equipment: 107,300 euros.

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