New Lexus RX: the hybrid SUV of the Japanese brand launches a new generation

Launched on the market in 1998, the lexus rx it is the model that inaugurated the segment of large premium SUVs. Later it was the first to switch to the exclusive use of hybrid mechanics and now it is on its way. fifth generation. A new iteration of the most luxurious SUV in lexus in which, in addition to continuing to have hybrid technology as a claim, it arrives using a design that the brand itself has called “double-point bodywork”.

Even being the most corpulent model that Lexus will market in Europe, the Japanese firm continues to limit the RX below 5 meters in length. More specifically, it measures 4.89 meters long, 1.92 wide and 1.71 high, with a wheelbase of 2.40 meters.

It is based on the GA-K platform (the same technical basis as other models such as the NX or the ES), but has been adapted to the dimensions of this large SUV, and also allows weight to be reduced by an average of 90 kilos with compared to the previous generation and place the center of gravity 15 millimeters closer to the ground.

New Lexus RX.

The new RX is presented under three different options of mechanical configurations, called RX500h, RX450h+ and RX350hall of them with notable technical differences between them.

The least powerful mechanic of all, and presumably the most affordable, is the RX350h. It is a traditional hybrid scheme that relies on the recurring 2.5-liter engine, with a power that is staggered this time at 245 hp, allowing it to achieve 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 8 seconds exactly. Lexus says that with this version they hope to compete directly with the small-displacement diesel engines that rivals still offer.

Above this variant is positioned the RX 450h +, which arrives in the form of a plug-in hybrid. This version uses the same engine as the first variant, but complements it with a lithium-ion battery with an 18.1 kWh capacity that, according to the brand, with a full charge, will be able to offer “at least” 65 kilometers of autonomy. The combined total power between both engines is 306 hp, which allows it to achieve a 0 to 100 in 7 seconds, while it can circulate in 100% electric mode up to 135 kilometers per hour.

New Lexus RX.

Finally, the most powerful mechanical configuration will be the RX500h, a variant Lexus refers to as a “turbo hybrid”. On this occasion the engine is a 2.4 liter turbocharged block, and together with a electric motor mounted on the rear axle with 80 kW of power, reaches a total yield of 371 hp. As a novelty, this version relies on Direct4 technology that premiered the electric Lexus RZ450e.

In terms of technology, connectivity and safety, and being the top of the range among the brand’s SUVs, the RX sports a display of equipment that is up to the task. Regarding infotainment, and among many other elements, the premium Mark Levinson sound system with 21 speakers, a central 14-inch touch screen (according to the largest brand in the category) and connectivity with telephones through Android Auto wired and Apple CarPlay wireless.

Interior of the new Lexus RX.

In terms of safety and driving assistance, the equipment is also very extensive. The Lexus RX is equipped with the Lexus Safety System +3a package that brings together the most modern active safety and driver assistance systems that incorporate those available from the brand, with improved functions and a greater range of detection and prevention of accident risks.

The date of arrival on the streets of this new Lexus RX hybrid has yet to be determined, as well as its price for Spain, although it is expected that the brand will delve into both sections in the coming bars so that its marketing begins before the end of year.

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