New advances of the Fisker PEAR, which will be the brand’s cheapest electric car

The Fisker PEAR is called to be one of the best-selling electrics in the world. After the launch of the Ocean, which will take place at the end of this year, the company’s objective is to complete the development of the PEAR and begin its commercial stage. Until now we had only seen a couple of previews of this album that hadn’t enlightened us much, but this time everything is different. The Fisker PEAR is much more uncovered this time.

Henrik Fisker has been living in a cloud for the last few months. The promotion of the Ocean is going from strength to strength. Orders are piling up in the company’s offices, and future plans are now much more clearly seen. The North American company needs the Fisker Ocean to succeed among drivers in order to finance the following launches. The PEAR will be the most important of them all. A reasonably priced, high-volume compact electric.

From the beginning, the PEAR has been announced with a launch cost of less than 30,000 dollars, which would place it as one of the most economical models in the category. To date, information and prototypes were more imaginary than realistic. There was no clear design, but now Fisker wants to show us what he is working on with the clearest sketch ever. A sign that development continues.

The Fisker Pear will be the cheapest model of the brand.

As can be seen in the image, the Fisker PEAR will have a compact and muscular design. Its bulging wheel arches stand out in a very stylized bodywork. Its raised nose covers any opening to the air, and striking is the shape of the windshield and, above all, the hooking of the lower corner with the A-pillar. A front door with rounded shapes does not escape our attention either. In general, a very futuristic concept that will surely receive touch-ups in the coming months.

Despite the little information regarding the PEAR project, Fisker announces that there are already more than 1,500 orders made by potential clients. Off-plan purchases that will still have to wait a couple of years for their cars to officially arrive at dealerships. Plans call for commercial launch in 2024 with production starting in late 2023.. The development will be shared with Foxconn, using the FP28 platform that will give it an approximate size of 4.5 meters long.

Over the next few months the Fisker PEAR will be stripped bare before our eyes. The design will be seen more and more free of shadows, and we will begin to know some important technical details such as battery and autonomy. Everyone expects great things from the Fisker compact, especially if it finally hits the markets with a price below $30,000. We must remember that we are talking about a global product, since the intention is to market it throughout the world.

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