Neither Ford, nor Volkswagen: this strange electric car belongs to a new Turkish manufacturer

When it comes to spy photos, based on the manufacturer’s product plans and the proportions of the model in question, in most cases it is easy to identify the electric or plug-in hybrid car that is hidden under the camouflage film. However, this has not been the case of the electric whose images accompany these lines until Carscoops has found the conceptual model that advanced its forms. It is the first model of the Turkish manufacturer Togg.

Since Togg is still a completely unknown manufacturer for most, even for specialists, there have been many theories about what was the brand behind the development of the camouflaged car. Among them, the possibility that it was the new generation of the Ford Ecosport was pointed out, or that it was even a model of the renewed MG.

Togg is a start-up that is born from the investment of five Turkish national companies, and behind which is the Turkish government. The unit that becomes relevant in the photos hides the production model of the concept that they presented in the first instance.

It is a model that, due to its proportions and type of bodywork, will fit within the compact segment, and due to the aesthetic resources that can be appreciated despite the camouflage, everything indicates that it will be a B SUVcontrary to what the conceptual model suggested, which due to the dimensions and power figures of its electrical diagram pointed to a more pretentious segment, such as the D-SUV.

electric car 8
According to the conceptual model, the electric car that has been seen descends one segment.

As the company advanced in the presentation of the conceptual model, the new electric SUV will arrive with two engines different: one rear-wheel drive and a single electric motor with 200 hp, and another version that with two motors achieved 400 hp and all-wheel drive, promising a 0 to 100 km/h in 7.6 seconds for the version of rear-wheel drive, and 4.8 seconds in the most powerful model with all-wheel drive.

The unit has been hunted leaving the facilities of automotive component design and manufacturing specialist Continental AG, revealing it to be a key Togg partner in developing the model.

According to the conceptual model, the camouflaged unit suggests that the production version will lose some of the features that made the SUV the most striking that the brand first showed in December 2019. Among them, the wheel arches are now less bulky, and house smaller rims. There are also changes in its proportions, because now the hood has a smaller size.

electric car 10
Given the advanced design, it is to be expected that Togg’s first electric car will be presented soon.

Based on the image, and as is usual with the models that can be seen in these design stages, it is evident that it is an electric car whose development is nearing its end, so we should see it in its final production form in relatively short ordermaybe a few weeks, and at the latest by the end of the year or early 2023.

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