MV Agusta launches its first electric scooter: this is the MV Agusta Rapido Serie Oro 500 and its price

MV Agusta is one of the most traditional motorcycle firms in the sector, and at the same time one of the most exclusive. We know that the Italian manufacturer is determined to be among the first to market products with battery-powered electricity as a common denominator, and before launching their own electric motorcycle they have presented the MV Agusta Rapido Gold Series 500his first electric scooter.

Due to technical characteristics, design and price, without a doubt the MV Agusta electric scooter is destined to fight commercially with those who are in the highest part of the electric scooter market at the moment.

To outline its lines, the brand has been inspired by its Gold Series motorcycles, and in addition to accents in the color that the name suggests, also in its round LED headlight and in the false fairing that surrounds it, it hints at the tribute to these motorcycles. The lighthouse, however, it has to be supported by another located just below the handlebar itself. As if the design itself were not enough, one of the most characteristic attributes is found in its LCD panel, which in addition to being full color mimics the shape of a motorcycle dashboard.

Details of the MV Agusta Serie Oro 500.

Details of the MV Agusta Serie Oro 500.

Technically the Rapido Serie Oro points to the upper part of the market. Rely on a type electric motor brushless (brushless) that is mounted on the rear wheel hub and that has a nominal power of 500 W and no less than 24Nm of torque. The battery, meanwhile, is located in the lower part of the platform, and has a capacity of 480Wh (48 V and 10.4 Ah) that is connected to a brushless electric motor of 500W which is integrated into the rear wheel of the scooter.

According to MV Agusta, the maximum speed can be up to 38 kilometers per hour, however the units marketed within the European framework will be limited to the relevant 25 kilometers per hour maximum speed in order to continue to be considered a VMP. On the other hand, MV Agusta assures that the Rapido Serie Oro 500 has a range of up to 50 kilometers with a full battery charge, for which it will take a total of 5 hours from empty.

MV Agusta Rapido Gold Series.

MV Agusta Rapido Gold Series 500.

Regarding its physiognomy, like any self-respecting electric scooter, the MV Agusta Rapido Gold Series is foldable at the bottom of the mast that supports the handlebar. It has ten-inch tires and weighs 20 kilos, while both structurally and in terms of its electrical scheme it is not designed to support loads of more than 100 kilos.

MV Agusta has also already announced prices for Europe, where the Rapido Serie Oro 500 is priced at €999, although in a promotional way at the moment it can be purchased for 849 euros. However, predictably and since it has just been launched, its deliveries could take a few months to materialize. In exchange for this price and the wait, those who purchase it will have one of the most exclusive electric scooters that can be purchased right now.

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