More than 100 kWh: Delorean’s electric grand tourer will have more autonomy and battery than a Taycan

The delorean alpha 5 It is the model with which the American firm returns to the commercial plane, and with which it enters to compete directly with the most luxurious electric cars of all those marketed to date, and it does so in a large coupé format, recovering the concept of classic grand tourers.

Yesterday we were able to see the final design with which this electric grand tourer will hit the market, with lines sculpted by the Italian house Italdesign, and today it is time to find out more information about its technical sheet, and although the brand still does not go into concise details about the numbers that will mark the commercial future of the Alpha 5, have indeed cleared several doubts about its benefits.

As detailed on its own website, the Delorean Alpha V measures 4,995 millimeters long, 2,044 wide and only 1,370 high, with a wheelbase of 2.3 meters, so it is a very long, very wide and very low. It is not only considered as a great electric tourism thanks to its size, but also thanks to its power and its real autonomy.

And it is that the firm promises more than 300 miles of autonomy in the EPA cycle, which should result in about 500 kilometers, maybe more. This will be thanks to battery over 100 kWhdata that although they are not specific, they do support that it is a rival that, at least on a practical level, will be able to stand up to both the Porsche Taycan and the rest of today’s high-end electric cars.

delorean alpha 5
delorean alpha 5

Not everything is battery-based autonomy, but the brand also wants to make it clear that it is an efficient electric car, since from the outset they declare that the drag coefficient of the Delorean Alpha 5 is 0.23. To put it in context, the Mercedes EQs has a drag coefficient of 0.20, while that of a Tesla Model Plaid is 0.208.

Where Delorean has been more concise is in the performance section. The brand has not detailed the exact power that the Alpha 5 will display, but they have confirmed that it will be able to accelerate from standstill to 60 miles per hour (96 km/h) in 2.99 seconds, while it will reach 80 miles per hour (128) in 4.35 seconds, with a top speed limited to about 155 miles per hour (260 kilometers per hour). Numbers that it will predictably achieve thanks to an all-wheel drive system in which at least one electric motor will take place on each axis.

Interior of the electric Delorean Alpha 5.
Interior of the electric Delorean Alpha 5.

Although it will not be until August 18, on the occasion of the Pebble Beach beauty pageant, when the brand will fully launch the Alpha 5, we already know what its interior will be like. In the images that Delorean itself has published, they show a cabin with 4 seats in which the design of the dashboard is enveloping as well as diaphanouswith a central screen emerging from the center console and a futuristic steering wheel and dashboard.

It is expected that this will not be the only electric car that the brand presents this year, since in addition to the Alpha 5, the brand already speaks openly about the models Alpha, Alpha 2, Alpha 3 and Alpha 4whose concepts are yet to be confirmed.

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