Momentum, the new brand of electric, urban and economic bicycles from Giant

Giant has launched a new line of electric bicycles based on a frame design and a series of components aimed at urban and leisure use. This new range will be marketed under another brand, momentum, and for now it has two models that start the offer: the Transend E+ and Life E+available with two types of frame and intended for the transport of people, leisure and walking.

Giant is one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the world. For a few years, the sector has been revolutionized by the high demand for electric bicycles, which on many occasions are not intended for sports usebut as a means of urban transport or as a leisure vehicle for free time. These are functional, economic bicycles that are used to take the children to school, work, go to class or do the shopping, all activities that have nothing to do with the typical use of the weekend with an enduro or electric bicycle. mountain.

In this context, its general line of bicycles is somewhat displaced and can also be seen by customers as high-end vehicles whose price is out of their reach. For this reason, Giant has decided to create a separate brand for these types of vehicles. clearly differentiated. “Momentum is here to show that there is more to life than screen time and traffic jams,” said Momentum’s Collette Clensy. “Whether you’re riding alone or with friends, we encourage you to take some time to enjoy the freedom, fresh air and good vibes on a Momentum electric bike.” With these words, Giant shows the spirit with which it has launched this new brand.

Momentum Giant electric bikes-interior1
Trascend E+ electric bike standard frame.

The two models that inaugurate the Momentum range are based on a central electric motor Yamaha Sync Drive Life capable of developing a maximum power of 250W and generate a torque of 60Nm. It is powered by a battery mounted on the lower diagonal bar of 500Wh to which is added an internal transmission system located in the hub of the rear urda Shimano Nexus 7 speed complete with system hydraulically actuated disc brakes.

The two models have a similar design although the geometry differences in their frames reveal the purpose for which they are built. The Transcend E+ It offers the cyclist a riding position that, although it allows keeping the arms straight to have a good view of the surroundings, also gathers more of the body, which makes it a bicycle for passengers. This fact is demonstrated by the double frame option that is offered, one conventional and the other without a horizontal bar, which makes it easy to get on and off.

Momentum Giant-interior2 electric bikes
Momentum Vida E+ electric bike.

They are however, Life e+ offers a “more relaxed” ride, with a somewhat more upright position. In this case, the two frames in which it is offered have a central bar, although in one of the cases it is placed in a low position, so that the rigidity of the whole is maintained and at the same time access is facilitated.

Both bikes are available in four colors and although they cannot be purchased in Spain for now, they will probably be available a little later. Momentum will add new models to its range in the coming months. Among its proposals, an electric cargo bike stands out, the Pakyak E+which fits perfectly into the spirit of this new range that offers practicality to its customers.

Momentum Giant-interior3 electric bikes
Giant will add more models to the Momentum range, such as the Pakyak E electric cargo bike

Giant’s strategy creating a second brand of electric bicycles for the city and leisure is common to other manufacturers in the market. A few weeks ago Specialized presented Globe, a new business unit that offers electric utility cargo bikes and accessories for this purpose. Its objective, according to the parent brand, is to be useful to its owners, so much so that they will make them forget about the car to use them daily for their displacements.

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