Model M, the electric motorcycle inspired by Tesla electric cars that you will never drive

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has made it very clear that he will never be an electric motorcycle manufacturer. With that roundness, many of his enthusiasts were frustrated at the missed opportunity to find a new path, probably dystopian, in the two-wheel sector. Starting his design from scratch without the existing conventions would allow for an interesting and completely different approach as seen through the eyes of the Tesla designers. Official possibilities closed, the field is open for other independent designers to express their ideas, as is the case with Victor Rodriguez Gomez.

Inspired by the universe of the Californian brand, the designer has created a new vision for what would be a supposed electric motorcycle created by Tesla. More specifically, it is the controversial design of the Tesla Cybertruck, the electric pick-up with a completely groundbreaking design that inspires the lines of this motorcycle. The designer has created a modern two-wheeler with a retro feel. The electric handlebars and levers integrated into the bodywork, the hubless wheels and the refined treatment of the instrumentation seem to come from the future.

electric motorcycle tesla model m victor rodriguez-interior1
Translucent digital screen on the battery of the Tesla Model M electric motorcycle. Image: Víctor Rodríguez Gómez.

The Tesla Model M motorcycle is designed for those addicted to urban driving and also for those who enjoy the weekend two wheel adventures. The bike’s lean-forward stance is tailored to the style of café racers, and the inclusion of geometric lines stems from architectural trends.

The Model M shows to be designed keeping in mind the reduced urban spaces, which is reflected in a handlebar whose grips have an electric folding mechanism that hide them inside the fairing when the pilot moves away from it, reappearing when he is in the vicinity. It also includes a electric kickstand that facilitates parking and starting, a fairly common and repeated maneuver in urban environments. The battery is located in the place where the gas tank is located on traditional motorcycles. To recharge it, the plug is hidden inside the rear light.

electric motorcycle tesla model m victor rodriguez-interior2
The battery charging port is located inside the rear light. Image: Victor Rodriguez Gomez

The motorcycle marks its design by relying on wheels without hubs that emulate the steel gray color of the Cybertruck. In the same way, the front LED headlight made up of a horizontal LED strip and the rear light mounted directly under the seat offer a minimalist look to the whole. The seat and swingarm integration that emerge from the central body where the battery is located, combine perfectly with the general construction of the motorcycle. Finally, maintaining the futuristic character, a translucent digital display located above the battery shows trip information, battery status and real-time navigation map.

In this case, the designer has limited himself to marking the lines and the technological innovations of a machine like this, but, as expected, he does not no indication on the characteristics of the powertrain, which, inspired by Tesla, can only be electric. This technical solution of wheels without hubs has already been proposed and solved by Verge Motorcycles with the Verge TS. In this case, the motor is integrated into the rear wheel, which eliminates the need to include a belt (or chain) drive as usual.

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