MINI Aceman: a conceptual electric urban SUV ushering in a new era

Although MINI already offers an electric and a plug-in hybrid model, the electric age will lead to important changes within the legendary English house. The new mobility allows them to change their mentality, adapting to new technologies, new concepts and a new design. The next MINI models will have a different look, and the MINI Concept Aceman It helps us to imagine what this new aesthetic philosophy will be like, the most groundbreaking in recent years.

You have to be honest, almost all MINIs look alike. Since the English firm resumed its activity after the acquisition by BMW, the aesthetics of the One, Cooper, Paceman and 5 doors is practically identical. MINI has many arguments in its favor, but the design is possibly the most mythical and memorable thing about the house. Your image is your brand, although we will soon see how it will change, driven by a new era of mobility and digitization.

The rounded body lines disappear to make way for many ribs and muscles. The presence of the Concept Aceman is impressive despite being talking about a Urban SUV with just 4.05 meters long, 1.99 meters wide and 1.59 meters high. It is small, but the creators have managed to generate an image with a lot of presence. Remarkable is the presence of 20-inch wheels, a size that seems excessive for a vehicle of these proportions.

The rear is more MINI, we must continue to highlight the muscles of the small electric

As we have already said, curved lines and rounded shapes are lost. Hard to find any non-rectangular shape in the car. Also The shape of the headlights is striking. They retain the position, but their shape is radically different. Not so much that of the rear headlights, which maintain the current light signature with the Union Jack flag. Thanks to those small details one knows perfectly well that it is a MINI, no matter how much we talk about a new era of design.

One of the keys to the utility original designed by Sir Alex Issigonis was the generous interior space it was able to offer. MINI says to return to that philosophy in a cabin where the concept of minimalism taken to the extreme stands out. With five doors and two rows of seats, the brand ensures that five passengers will be able to be comfortable inside, although they will not enjoy many luxuries, but many details and color schemes that will offer a unique user experience.

A sound and light show that includes the display of the MINI Companion as an animation based on the car’s sensors. Simply approach the Concept Aceman and it starts projecting lights that intensify as you continue to approach. At the same time an interactive sound is emitted from the external speakers. When the car is finally unlocked, the user is greeted with a new set of lights in the cabin. A play of lights and sounds whose sequence is called earcon and that it hopes to become a visual icon.

Nothing to highlight, the interior surrenders completely to digitization and sustainability

Inside there is nothing to highlight except the presence of a multimedia screen with OLED technology which is used to manage all the functions of the car, including light and sound animations. MINI also wants to highlight the sustainable concept, eliminating all possible traces of materials such as leather or chrome from the cabin. The MINI Concept Aceman is a creative work, it will not hit the streets, but it will hit some of the most important fairs in the world. His debut will take place on August 23 at the video game fair gamescom which is celebrated in the German town of Cologne.

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