MG is already working on the successor to the electric Marvel R: new design, new name and better features

Despite its limited experience in the European market, the MG Marvel R is already heading towards the end of its commercial life in the old continent. The brand of British origin is already working on its generational successor, which will premiere nomenclature, design and technical specifications. His challenge: to present himself as the best-selling electric crossover in Europe from 2025.

As a result of statements made by Guy Pigounakis, commercial director of MG, to the media self-express Last August, rumors and first information about it began to emerge. One of MG’s main objectives will be to generationally update or replace practically all of its current range models by 2024 and eliminate all its combustion alternatives by 2027, thus declaring itself a 100% electric brand once such a step is carried out.

In the aforementioned statements to the British media, the manager of MG stated that the MG Marvel R will be replaced by a new generation in 2025 for the entire European market. “The new version will arrive in two or three years. This is a clear possibility,” Pigounakis confirmed. On the other hand, he also pointed out the section of the name that has brought so many questions: “We would like, however, that the new one was not called Marvel R”he concluded.

The Mission 100 strategy that the company already announced in 2020, would welcome the aforementioned renovations of its models to make them more commercial worldwide. In said project the expansion of MG to 100 countries is considered; currently they do the same with a total of 84. In Europe, for its part, the MG Marvel R competes with models as popular as the Volkswagen ID.4 or the Skoda Enyaq. The new generation would not alter its position, but it would make it more competitive in terms of quality, technology and mechanical specifications, both for Europe and for the rest of the world regions in which it would be marketed.

MG Marvel R prices
The new generation will have a general improvement of all its sections, in addition to a new name

With regard to the technological and mechanical section, MG has allied in recent years with companies specializing in sensors and other security components; thus it is expected that the successor to the MG Marvel R could equip LiDAR sensorsboth for the active and passive safety operation and to provide the crossover with autonomous driving functions.

The generational renewal of the MG Marvel R will be based on SAIC’s MSP modular platform, on which the new electric MG4 is already based. In parallel, its battery equipment will be the so-called “One Pack” which has one of the lowest heights on the market, with only 110 mm. With this format, the new generation MG Marvel R will be able to sign more than 500 kilometers of autonomy under WLTP approval, thanks to an electrical capacity of up to 150 kWh.

With this move, MG aspires to become a benchmark for affordable electric cars in Europe in the coming years. The first rumors align the generational replacement of the Marvel R in a price band around 45,000 euros, the current one does the same from 41,500 euros without discounts. A few weeks ago we were able to meet the MG4 in person and thus verify its great possibilities in the electricity market in Spain.

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