Mercedes will stop making the electric EQC (and you probably won’t miss it)

Mercedes-Benz presented its brand of electric cars in 2019: EQ. With these two letters they began to identify the battery models that would come in the star brand, and thus the Mercedes EQA, EQB, EQV, EQS, EQE… An increasingly wider range than the year that comes will lose one of its members: the Mercedes EQC.

With the Mercedes EQC it all started. This is perhaps a somewhat grandiose way to say that it was the first model of the EQ sub-brand, of the new electric era of Mercedes. Later, more electric SUVs have arrived and also two saloons, the EQS and the EQE, already with a different strategy and built on a platform totally specific for electric vehicles.

According to Business Insiderciting internal sources of the German manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz will end production of the EQC at the end of May 2023. Next spring, this electric model, which is based on the Mercedes GLC with a combustion engine, will no longer be manufactured. In other words, it could be said that it is the electric version of the GLC, with all that this entails. According to Business Insider, Mercedes has not wanted to confirm or deny whether it will actually stop manufacturing the model, although everything points in that direction.

For the time being, the Mercedes EQC is still available. In Spain it has a starting price of 85,302 euros. It is only sold with one version, the EQC 400 4Matic, which has two electric motors with 408 CV of power and an 80 kWh battery that allows it to homologate 429 kilometers of WLTP autonomy. However, its high consumption in real use conditions penalizes it quite a bit in this regard. Its rivals include the Audi e-tron, the BMW iX3 and the Jaguar I-Pace.

It is striking that the model is going to disappear just four years after its launch. However, several things must be taken into account. First, the EQC is a model that is already one step behind technologically compared to the most modern electric Mercedes. And second, its sales have not been particularly brilliant. In Germany, its local market, 3,825 units were registered in 2021. Of the Audi e-tron, its most direct rival, 8,691 units were registered in the same period.

However, no one will probably miss the EQC when it goes out of production, and we’re not saying that because of its modest commercial performance. What’s to come from Mercedes looks much better, starting with the upcoming EQE SUV, a model designed and built from the ground up as an electric. A model that, although it will be older than the current EQC, will come to fill its gap until there is another hypothetical EQC SUV. Mercedes has not yet commented, but if the EQXX becomes a kind of electric C-Class, it could take the EQC name. And seeing the strategy that the brand is following, it is most likely that there will also be an EQC SUV. Although this, at the moment, is just speculation.

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