Mercedes shows us the lines of the next AMG electric supercar

On May 19, the world’s largest exhibition of sustainability and environmental awareness will open its doors. The French capital will receive the visit of illustrious representatives of the industry, including car manufacturers. Several of them have already confirmed their attendance. An event that will show the world the latest sustainable creations from each house. Mercedes will come with a prototype, a very special one, as it will become a new 100% electric Mercedes-AMG.

Mercedes is committed to leading sustainable mobility, both in conventional long-range versions and in high-performance models. In recent years, those from Stuttgart have stepped on the accelerator, showing the world the infinite possibilities of a technology that is already our daily bread. However, they themselves think that there is no limit in terms of features and performance, and AMG will be in charge of creating a unique electric car.

Everything that passes through the hands of the craziest group in the house ends up becoming a legend. You just have to take a look at the past to realize all his great creations, some of them today valued at several million euros. AMG will take a step forward with this electric hypercar that will borrow the best knowledge acquiredboth the Mercedes-AMG Project One that is about to be unveiled in its entirety, and the increasingly bulky EQ family with the Vision EQXX and its more than 1,000 kilometers of autonomy.

In a way, the preview filtered by the head designer of Mercedes, Gorden Wagener, partially reminds us of the ultra-efficient electric. In this case we will go to the other end of the electric scale, to the end of benefits. Not only the performance will be talked about, but also its figure. With a line as attractive as it is elegant, the prototype of the electric Mercedes-AMG will be able to break the air efficiently. There are many secrets that still remain to be known, although we have already advanced some details.

A few days ago we learned that the AMG division was working on an electric. A model that will be very special and that today is ahead of us in its most basic lines. One of the keys to its exceptional performance will be the use of axial flow electric motors.. A mechanic that manufacturers such as Ferrari or Koenigsegg use today given the high performance they produce and their small size. Ideal conditions to be employed by Mercedes-AMG.

As for delivery times, there is nothing clear or confirmed. The ChangeNOW event will be proud to receive the first prototype, but that is only the first step in a development that will take several years. The first information suggests that the new electric of the AMG division, the first after the launch of the SLS AMG Electric Drive in 2013, will see the light in the year 2025. Throughout these 36 months of waiting we will learn more details, both about its appearance and its performance.

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