Mercedes electric trucks with “megawatt charging” will be available in 2024

Mercedes does not stop. In addition to an ever-increasing electric offering in its passenger car fleet, the heavy-duty division is keeping pace with ever-larger and more impressive launches. The next great revolution will come from 2024. A new batch of electric trucks capable of driving hundreds of kilometers without having to recharge, and capable of overcoming load barriers that until now were thought impossible.

Next June, the electric mobility fair in Wörth, Germany, will be held. During the event Mercedes plans to present its next fleet of electric trucks. The Mercedes eActros LongHaul has not yet set foot on the asphalt, but the first data shows incredible figures. The first prototypes are already in internal testing phases within the Mercedes factory, but it is expected that before the end of this year we can see it circulating on the roads during its development stage.

Long haul has always been the weakest point of the electric truck strategy. However, manufacturers such as Mercedes or Tesla, with their Tesla Semi, want to show that it is also possible to carry out long-range routes with 100% electric vehicles. Mercedes estimates that the eActros LongHaul will be able to reach autonomies close to 500 kilometers on a single charge. When recharging, it will have high-performance systems, the so-called “megawatt charge” that will allow autonomy to be recovered at an incredible rate.

The eActros 300 and 400 to be launched in July

For it, Mercedes is working on finding partners with whom to collaborate to create an infrastructure network capable of making the advanced technology of the next generation of electric trucks viable. With the name HoLa (high-performance cargo in long-distance trucking), Mercedes is working together with Siemens, Engie and EVBox, among others. Daimler Trucks has signed an agreement with Volvo and Traton to create a joint venture to exploit the exclusive charging network for heavy vehicles: electric trucks and buses.

Currently, the Mercedes eActros heavy truck fleet already offers electric alternatives such as the eActros 300 and 400 that will be launched in July, in addition to the eEconic that is already in service. Plans estimate that the eActros LongHaul will enter production in 2024. For two years it will carry out tests in different environments and situations, all with the aim of establishing its advanced technology as the most important in the segment.

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