Mercedes eActros LongHaul: an electric truck with 1 MW of recharging power and 500 km of autonomy

There is less and less time to officially meet a truck that is called to revolutionize the road transport industry. The Mercedes eActros LongHaul will be presented in September with a battalion of novelties that will make it the most advanced long-distance electric truck in the world. This is the first time Mercedes shows us minimally what its exterior appearance will be like, providing, incidentally, the occasional technical detail.

The Mercedes eActros range is becoming a benchmark electric family in the field of large electric trucks. The smaller and more accessible versions have been operating on our streets for some time, but the one that will be the jewel in the crown for technology and autonomy has yet to be revealed. Next September it will be unveiled at the IAA Transportation in Hannoverthe largest trade fair for industrial vehicles in the world.

With a load capacity of 40 tons, the engineering team has taken 2 years to complete the entire development process. Although it will be released next September, the first customer tests will not begin until next year. For approximately a year it will be tested in real working conditions and, later, mass production will be launched, although Mercedes estimates that this will not happen before the first half of 2024. Therefore, the final units will begin to be marketed throughout of that same year.

With a load capacity of 40 tons, it has taken the engineering team 2 years to complete the entire development process.

The Germans announce a range of approximately 500 kilometers. Theoretical data that now has to be demonstrated in its testing phase with clients. To show that performance range, the Mercedes eActros LongHaul will equip large battery packs with LFP (Lithium Ferrophosphate) technology that guarantee more usable energy and a longer lifespan. Although the possibility had already been discussed, the charging power will be absolutely incredible, being able to go from 20 to 80% of the charge in just 30 minutes at a power of approximately one megawatt.

The figures with which Mercedes has worked for development have been those imposed by the European Union for the rest of truckers. These must comply with a rest period of at least 45 minutes after a maximum of 4.5 hours behind the wheel. 500 kilometers in that time and a rest period that will allow autonomy to be recovered while the driver rests. To have a charging network, Mercedes has sought different partners with whom to establish an infrastructure, such as Siemens or ENGIE.

The Mercedes eActros LongHaul will face tough competition, marked mainly by other Volvo or Scania units working on similar projects. Nor can we forget the Tesla Semi, which is also completing its testing stage, although at the moment no official launch date has been announced, initially postponed for next year. As in passenger cars, there is an exciting war between manufacturers to conquer the long-distance electric truck segment.

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