Mercedes completes the development of the electric A-Class and its new MMA platform

Something is happening in Mercedes, but this time with much more reason. The German company is giving a twist to everything known so far about its range, as well as its points of sale, which will become directly controlled by Mercedes in the coming years, thus taking the direct sales method or ” of agency”. However, one of the most radical moves taking shape within the star’s household is its complete transformation into an electrical company. Its future range of access models will have a lot to say about its success, where They are already preparing the electric Mercedes A-Class.

Today, access to the Mercedes electric range takes place with the EQA, the smallest electric SUV in the family, which is currently made up of the EQB (its older brother with 7 seats), the EQC and the EQS. SUV. Additionally, we also find models such as the EQV, EQE or EQS.

In the next year 2024 the arrival of the new MMA platform is expected to the range of more compact models, which will completely change the current paradigm, since it will be the one that will really initiate the transformation to an electric brand, since it will be a platform dedicated to electric cars and, additionally, it will be used for vehicles with thermal blocks, contrary to what is happening today. In addition, the MMA platform will mean the arrival of new compact models to the Mercedes electric range, where the A-Class will come into play.

The next electric A-Class will position itself as one of the main rivals of the Volkswagen ID.3 and the models derived from it, such as the Cupra Born. The Mercedes MMA platform will be aimed at the brand’s compact and more accessible models. The future EQ-Class A (or whatever it ends up being called) will bring with it a paradigm shift for the Mercedes access range, since, as the brand announced, your input models they will be more expensive and luxurious in the next yearsso we can expect an even closer approach premium for the German compact.

Currently access to the Mercedes electric range is through the EQA
The EQA (image) is currently the access to the electric range of Mercedes.

The EQA currently marketed by Mercedes already has a very outstanding level of quality compared to its rivals, whether in the aspect of the passenger compartment, design or dynamics. However, from the German brand they want to significantly improve all these sections.

The electric A-Class will have a high level of technological equipment in its brand new cabin. It is more than possible that we will see the integration of the new central vertical infotainment panel that the Mercedes S-Class has already released, as well as other features of higher segments. Its dynamics would also be favored thanks to a lower center of gravity due to the positioning of its batteries, which would be located under the floor of the car.

The technological improvement in the section of the mentioned batteries will cause better use of interior space, since in about 3 or 4 years (when we know the electric variant of the Class A) a significant advance is expected in the design of these components, being able to present a somewhat smaller size (especially in height) at the same time that it detonates in a increase in its electric range due to a higher energy density. The adoption of electrification in the access compact will mean a removal of the central transmission tunnel with which the model currently has, so this will lead to better habitability in the rear seats and, therefore, greater comfort for its occupants.

The weight and aerodynamic efficiency will be substantial when the model arrives, since thanks to lighter batteries, the first section would be completed, while in the aerodynamics a significant improvement is also expected with respect to the current generation. All this in pursuit of improving the electric autonomy figures marked by the current Mercedes EQA, which is around 500 kilometers.

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