Mercedes-Benz will sell its electric vans online, in just a couple of clicks

The Mercedes-Benz electric van range comprises no less than four models: EQV, eVito Tourer, eVito Furgón and eSprinter. And soon one more will be added, the new Mercedes EQT. The van division of the brand is in Transformation proccessand has just launched a new sales service in which customers can buy one of its models in a 100% online process.

We live in a digitalized world in which more and more customers want to buy a vehicle in the same way that they buy a new mobile phone or a t-shirt, in just a couple of clicks through the browser or a apps.

For that reason, Mercedes-Benz online store expands to include vans, which will be available through this channel for both private and commercial customers. Furthermore, thanks to close collaboration with retailers, Mercedes-Benz subsidiaries and their contractual partners will also benefit from this new sales channel.

Buy a van in just a few clicks

The vans aimed at private customers, such as the V-Class and T-Class, the EQV and the Marco Polo, are found behind the car filter of the online store, while the Citan, Vito and Sprinter -oriented to the professional world- are in the van category. Logically, in each of them there are their respective electric battery versions: EQV, eVito (van and Tourer) and eSprinter.

If a customer is interested in a vehicle, he can immediately order the desired vehicle with a few clicks and have it delivered to the dealer of his choice. If you wish, you can arrange a test drive with a comparable model before making the purchase. In this way, the customer still has a direct contact person and the dealer remains the most important contact person for the customer in the further course, for example for after-sales service or accessories.

The eSprinter (image) is one of the four electric vans in the Mercedes catalog

Shipping and delivery to the dealer of the customer’s choice are free of charge when ordering in the Mercedes-Benz Online Shop. The vehicles visible in the Mercedes-Benz Online Shop are available at short notice and delivery can take place, on average, within four weeks from the conclusion of the contract, although the exact time depends, among other things , vehicle registration, logistics and payment processing.

When customers order the vehicle in the online shop, in just a few steps, they can subsequently choose between various leasing and financing products through the Mercedes-Benz Bank. Down payment and installments can be calculated online (in real time) and tailored to individual needs. The application can be submitted online and signed digitally, and the legitimacy necessary to formalize the paperwork is also done online through a video identification procedure. If required by the client, brand employees can offer individual advice by phone, email or chat, both for the purchase and for financing.

The Mercedes-Benz Online Store already exists for the sale of new passenger cars in Germany and in more than 30 markets. The vans can now be ordered online in Germany, Austria, France and Sweden, and these markets will soon be followed by others. Mercedes says that the goal of developing online sales is to make access to the brand’s products and services even more convenient for both new and existing customers.

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