Mercedes already achieves the same benefit for each electric EQE sold as with a diesel E-Class

Electric cars, after a much greater effort than that necessary for their diesel and gasoline namesakes, are beginning to generate the same profit margin as the latter for their manufacturers. Mercedes-Benz has been the last to talk about this, setting an example for its Electric Mercedes EQE and the E-Class in its thermal versions.

It was, more specifically, during a telematic conference held after the presentation of the financial results for the first part of this year, where the brand, through its CFO Harald Wilhelm has announced that not only does it obtain the same profit for each sale of an EQE and an E-Class, but the electric model is probably one point above in this aspect with respect to its equivalent in the conventional range.

According to Automotive News Europe, Wilheim has commented on the EQE: “It’s more or less the first quarter of sales of the EQE, but at the moment the EQE margin is at the level of the Class E margin“. To this he added that the EQE could even be slightly ahead of the E-Class at this time. However, they did not give specific data regarding net profit for each model, as well as an approximate percentage.

Electric Mercedes EQE in production.
Electric Mercedes EQE in production.

It should be noted that part of the difference in this benefit is achieved, directly, through a significantly higher price of the EQE. Without going any further, in Spain the most accessible version of Class E starts at around 57,000 euros, while the electric EQE does the same at the level of 75,000 euros. A gap of almost 20,000 euros, which if it were smaller would eliminate it, would make the thermal model more profitable than the electric one.

The financial director also spoke about the difference in margins between his two most technological and representative cars, the Mercedes S-Class and its equal in the electric range, the EQS. Wilhelm stated that the electric model is still below its internal combustion equivalent, but they have seen signs of improvement in terms of profit. “We have seen that the margin of the EQS begins to be healthy. It may not be exactly at the level of the S-Class, but it’s not too far from it“.

Mercedes-EQE 350
Mercedes-EQE 350.

One of the most decisive aspects so that both the profit margin and the price of electric cars are equal to those of diesel and gasoline passenger cars is that the lithium price (the most important component of your battery) to stabilize downward. For this to happen, however, sales of electric cars must grow so that one more refined and efficient economy of scale around this material allows the price per kWh of battery to decrease.

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