McMurtry Spéirling: the electric that has broken the Goodwood record and wants to hit the streets

The festival of speed Goodwood 2022 has given much to talk about, since there have been new launches, prototypes and, above all, a huge number of electric models that have been seen live for the first time. However, the most relevant news comes from the startup english McMurtry, who have broken all the records on the climb to the famous hill with a most striking electric vehicle.

The previous record at Goodwood was held by Volkswagen, which in 2019 set a time of 39.9 seconds to cover the 1.86-kilometre small track. The driver who made such timing effective was Romain Dumas at the wheel of an electric racing car, the Volkswagen ID.R. This, in turn, broke a record reached 20 years ago by Nick Heidfeld behind the controls of a McLaren Formula 1 from 1998. However, all this has been left behind thanks to McMurtry and his electric vehicle, the Speirling, which has surpassed the Volkswagen electric model in 0.8 seconds, thus setting a record time of 39.08 seconds. In this video you can see the rise of the Spéirling which becomes completely hypnotic.

This model is a fully electric vehicle that makes use of a series of fans located in the underside of the car whose function is to suck all the air that passes through the lower part of the vehicle and channel it towards the rear of the vehicle, thus creating a vacuum under the vehicle that increases the aerodynamic load and, at the same time, creates an impulse from the rear. This leads directly to a greater ability to increase speed and increase the downforce that keeps the vehicle glued to the ground.

The aesthetics of the electric model is quite striking
The aesthetics of the electric model is quite striking

Thanks to this mechanical technology, the McMurtry Spéirling sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in just 1.5 seconds and achieves an aerodynamic load of up to 2,000 kilos from a standstill, more than what a current Formula 1 produces at 250 km/h. According to the few data that the company has provided on its mechanics and power, the model weighs less than 1,000 kg and has a power-to-weight ratio of 1,000 hp per tonne. The energy is provided by a 60 kWh capacity battery, which is located around the cabin, that is, it is part of the vehicle’s own chassis.

The measurements of this vehicle are really short: measures only 3.5 meters long, 1.7 meters wide and 1.1 meters high. The aerodynamic appendages shine throughout its bodywork, showing ventilation inlets and outlets, as well as a huge rear spoiler or unconventional shapes. Its interior is approved for a single passenger and minimalism makes full sense where it is only found a steering wheel with an integrated screen in it, as well as two small ventilation outlets for the air conditioning. The manufacture of each of its panels is made of carbon fiber.

During the same celebration of the English event, Coach has been able to conduct an interview with the creator of the brand, Thomas Yates, who confirmed that, despite the fact that this vehicle is still a prototype, they hope to mass-produce the model as a very limited run editionand that it will have the same mechanical architecture and specifications as the electric model that holds the Goodwood hill climb record.

The passenger compartment is approved for a single occupant
The passenger compartment is approved for a single occupant

“We want to provide something that can be driven through central London and then onto a record-breaking track,” Yates said in his speech. “Your only emission will be what was on the ground before you arrived,” he stressed about the suction capacity of its fans and the level of neutral carbon emissions that the vehicle has. He also admitted that only a handful of units of it will be manufactured and that each of them “will reach seven figures”that is, at least 1 million euros per vehicle.

As an addition, the version adapted for driving on the streets will have to obtain new functional headlights, a reduction in the rear aerodynamic ventilation and windshield wipers, although in terms of specifications and mechanics they hope to keep as much as possible with respect to the prototype presented at Goodwood.

Additionally, he also spoke about the future of the brand, and it is that this will not be the only vehicle that they hope to launch since, once it has started its commercialization, they want to start with the development of an even smaller vehicle and that has as its main objective speed and aerodynamics. This will also make use of a single-seater cabin as Yates stated that “there are already too many two-seaters on the market to choose from”. No word yet on the possible presentation date of the final model or an estimate on its start of serial production.

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