McLaren also thinks about the development of an electric sports SUV

The trend is clear even for the car brands most rooted in pure sportiness. SUVs are made with an important commercial field and these companies are already betting on the launch of their own electric models about elevated. The next to arrive in this segment will be McLaren, who after seeing the resounding success of competing brands, also wants to get a piece of cake from this type of popular vehicle.

After the success achieved with the launch of the Lamborghini Urus, the Aston Martin DBX or the forthcoming arrival of the Ferrari Purosangue, models that still have fully thermal mechanics, there are other brands that have gone a step further in this sector, such as Lotus, which already offers a fully electric SUV, the Lotus Eletre. Other brands such as Porsche will also be introduced to this electrical mechanics in the coming years.

Mainly due to the repeated refusal of the McLaren management to take such a step, few would expect that this company would also do the same in the coming years by presenting an electric SUV model as an alternative to its current range of models, which features exclusively sports-style models.

According to count from Coach, McLaren’s new electric SUV would arrive throughout the second half of this same decade, presenting itself as a 100% electric model and without the possibility of installing thermal engines under its hood, something hitherto unknown in the British brand. This model will have a much sportier design than the competition’s SUVs, since its height from the ground will not be excessive, and its benefits are expected to be at the level of a company like McLaren. Alternatively, the British firm will also offer different levels of power and mechanics for its electric SUV modelbecause their sights are placed on the Aston Martin DBX 707, which is positioned as the fastest SUV in the world, which they aspire to surpass.

The trend is clear and even Ferrari is already preparing the launch of the Purosangue, its first plug-in hybrid SUV
The trend is clear and even Ferrari is already preparing the launch of the Purosangue, its first plug-in hybrid SUV

The British media that has echoed this news is already talking about remarkably high starting prices, located in a range between 250,000 and 350,000 pounds sterling, which in exchange will mean an average of between 287,000 and 400,000 euros. The main reason for these high sales prices will be, mainly, the high cost of development and production of these vehicles.

Apparently, this change in trend at McLaren would be represented by the resounding sales successes of its competition, whose SUV models are already positioned as the best sellers in their respective ranges. Among them, Porsche as a clear example: it awarded in 2021 more units of the Macan and Cayenne than the rest of its models; Lamborghini also did the same with the Urus, which is already positioned as the best-selling vehicle in its history; while the Aston Martin DBX represented 50% of the brand’s total sales worldwide.

At the moment there is no official confirmation from McLaren, who remain in their original line of opinion and assure that its manufacturing line will continue to offer models of high performance, sportiness, lightness and worked aerodynamics. These statements could be directly attributed to the fact that their future electric models will enjoy a high technology of lighter and more efficient batteries, whether on an SUV or sports body, and based on the new solid-state batteries which, presumably, could arrive from the year 2028.

Today, McLaren is focused on the start of production of its plug-in hybrid sports car, the Artura, which already has a significant commercial delay. To this is added the arrival of its new CEO, Michael Leiters, who will join the brand throughout the month of July.

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