McDonald’s starts working with Volvo electric trucks

Famed fast-food restaurant chain McDonald’s has begun work with electric trucks, in a collaboration between the chain and Volvo Trucks North America that will serve as a prelude to a larger rollout.

This is the tractor unit. Volvo VNR Electric, a Class 8 ‘zero emission’ electric truck that will be dedicated to transporting food and beverages to McDonald’s restaurants in Montreal (Canada). Class 8 trucks in North America are those that exceed 15,000 kg gross weight.

The Volvo VNR will deliver supplies to McDonald’s restaurants within a range of 150 kilometers from Martin Brower’s Montreal Distribution Center, located in the Baie-D’Urfé area of ​​the province of Quebec. The chosen location also has a double reason for being: the low temperatures in the area will provide a good opportunity to demonstrate the efficiency and reliability of the electric drive and battery in these circumstances. Electric thrusters, and especially batteries, suffer from low temperatures and their performance is reduced.

This first test is part of a plan by McDonald’s Canada to assess the feasibility of expanding the fleet of electric vehicles and replace fossil fuel vehicles in the distribution jobs of more than 1,400 restaurants across Canada where possible. The American company has set itself the goal of having net zero carbon emissions in all its global operations by 2050, for which it will be essential to have an electrified logistics fleet.

Regarding the benefits of the Volvo VNR, the truck announces up to 442 kilometers of autonomy (275 miles) on 6×2 and 6×4 tractors thanks to six batteries with 565 kWh capacity total. It has fast charging capacity at 250 kW in direct current, which allows 80% of the battery to be recharged in 90 minutes (or 60 minutes in the case of choosing versions with four batteries and 375 kWh). To ensure the truck is loaded and ready to make daily deliveries, Martin Brower has installed charging infrastructure at the base.

The Volvo VNR Electric engine delivers 462 hp and 5,492 Nm of torque. The truck has a two-speed I-Shift transmission and has a top speed of 109 km/h (68 mph).

The truck in question will be operated by the Martin Brower Company, a company that has worked in McDonald’s supply chain since it opened its first restaurant in 1956. It currently serves more than 25,000 restaurants in 18 countries. The use of the Volvo VNR Electric on its daily routes will serve to assess the future deployment of more ‘zero emission’ trucks in its fleet. “By integrating the Volvo VNR Electric tractor into our fleet, we will gain valuable experience for future zero-emission truck deployments that will allow us to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet our sustainability goals.”

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