Maxus T90EV: the first electric pick-up to appear in Europe

Maxus, a company within the large conglomerate of SAIC Motors, has set out to reach the markets with an electrical offer different from that of any other brand. The Maxus T90EV it will become the first electric pick-up to be sold in our latitudes. More specifically, the first country where it has announced its arrival is the United Kingdom, although given the commercial landing of other models such as the Maxus Euniq 5, the arrival in more countries is not ruled out.

The electric pick-up market is taking its first steps. Although supply and demand in the United States will grow rapidly in the coming years, in Europe they are not so popular, and less so in an electric formatWell, no model with these characteristics has yet been announced, except for this Maxus T90EV, which will have the privilege of being the first of its kind.

The path followed by the company has been very simple. Take a gasoline pick-up and transform it into an electric vehicle. With a classic frame and cross member chassis, the T90EV offers styling derived from its heated version. With a double cab body, the dimensions are generous: 5.36 meters long, 1.9 meters wide and 1.81 meters high. A size that is completed with an empty weight of 3,300 kilograms.

So much weight will be moved by an electrical system powered by a battery with a capacity of 88.55 kWh. A single rear motor will generate a power of 201 horsepower. Officially the autonomy approved in the WLTP City cycle is 198 miles, which comes to about 320 kilometers in the city. With a load capacity of 740 kilograms, we estimate that at maximum capacity and in normal use it will be difficult to exceed 200 kilometers of range. At the moment, Maxus has not specified what systems it uses for recharging.

The equipment offer includes a wide range of systems that offer a high degree of comfort on board. Elements such as: 17-inch wheels, 10.25-inch touch panel multimedia system, rear parking camera and another additional camera on the box to keep an eye on the load. To date, Maxus has not provided additional equipment data or images of the interior of its electric pick-up.

The UK will be the first country to enjoy the Maxus T90EV. The order books will open from the month of August, although it will not be until the beginning of next year when the first deliveries are made at a price, for now, unknown. Taking into account the strategy followed with the Maxus Euniq 5, it is more than likely that Europe will also begin to enjoy this first electric pick-up. In Spain, Maxus has commercial representation through the Astara Group, which currently offers the electric minivan with a starting price of 52,000 euros.

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