Mahle SCT electric motor: high durability based on a new cooling concept

The German supplier Mahle, one of the 20 most important parts and components companies in the world, has presented a new electric motor which it claims is the most durable on the market. The feature that distinguishes it from other engines is its refrigeration system which allows the SCT (Superior Continuous Torque) can operate at high power levels for an unlimited period of time. The resulting machine is an engine that, in addition to achieving 90% peak rated power It is compact and lightweight, which allows it to be used in daily use.

Mahle refers to the concept of refrigeration as a “technological leap””. It is a system of integrated oil cooling which not only takes care of the cooling itself, but at the same time also allows the waste heat resulting from the overall vehicle system to be used.

Generally, electric motors offer two figures of power. The peak power It is the maximum that they can reach, although only in short periods of time and limited repetitions, and the continuous power. This second is lower because the drive overheats under high load forcing the power to be reduced.

According to the latest measurement results, the Mahle SCT is able to achieve a rated output power of 90% of the maximum power that you can develop. The manufacturer has limited itself to offering these relative figures for now, without providing absolute figures for power and torque.

Furthermore, Mahle emphasizes that the SCT is an engine particularly compact and lightweight thanks to integrated oil cooling. “It is easy to build large electric motors that deliver high performance in a short time. What was still missing from the market until now were durable yet compact units for making unrestricted electric vehicles for everyday use,” explains Martin Berger, Group Head of Research and Advanced Engineering at Mahle. “Our new SCT electric motor is the solution.”

In practice, these features offer several advantages that are perceived in the actual use of an electric vehicle as it happens in those situations of high demand. An example is driving an electric truck on mountain passes or the need for acceleration, for example when overtaking a passenger car. “These scenarios are insufficiently covered by the electric motors available on the market so far,” adds Mahle.

The SCT is designed as a synchronous motor (PSM) with magnets permanent neodymium in the rotor, which makes possible the compact design with high energy density. However, to achieve greater independence from commodity prices and geopolitical developments, Mahle offers the SCT without magnets and therefore free of rare earth metals. In this case, the technology presented last year is used in which inductive power transmission, that is, without contact, allows the engine to work without wear and with high efficiency at high speeds. An efficiency that, in this case, is greater than 95%, according to the manufacturer.

This new engine is suitable for implementation in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction machinery and tractors. Its official presentation will be in September of this year, during the celebration of the IAA Transportation in Hannover.

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