Magic Bike, the electric bicycle of the future developed by Decathlon

Decathlon electric bikes so far focus on a range made up of traditionally designed models. In it they coexist full-suspension mountain bikes, hardtails, and touring bikes. Taking advantage of its commercial strength, the manufacturer has models that try to offer a very good value for money, above the competition. Now Decathlon seems to want to abandon that traditional approach with the presentation of the Magic Bikea still conceptual electric bike that heralds a future production model.

Decathlon describes the Magic Bike, which will be marketed under the B’TWIN brand, as a concentrate of technologies. Although it is currently only a concept in it, the manufacturer anticipates the innovations that will be present in the next generation of its electric bikes.

electric bike Decathon Magic Bike-interior3
The design of the Magic Bike is based on ease of use, safety and adaptability, for which the frame incorporates two large brackets at the front and rear to facilitate the integration of accessories.

There are three areas that the groundbreaking design with which the Magic Bike is presented is focused: ease of use, safety and adaptability to everyday life. To comply with these premises, it has an open frame that classifies it as an electric bicycle. urban. incorporates two large brackets at the front and back to facilitate the integration of accessories such as transport bags, panniers or child seats.

For now there is no type of technical specification on the characteristics of the electrical system that will assist the cyclist. It is only possible to deduce some of them from the images that Decathlon has published. These suggest a electric motor integrated in the framethat is to say in a central position on the bottom bracket hub, which will assist up to 25 km/h and a battery located on the slanted bar that can probably be removed for charging. The autonomy that is announced for her will be between the 30 and 90 kilometers. These figures depend on the chosen driving mode, the weight of the cyclist, the power demanded and the orography of the terrain. All parameters are controlled by a integrated display in the center of the handlebar. In addition, a mobile phone application, developed by Decathlon, allows you to monitor more parameters and even configure an anti-theft system with an alarm function.

electric bike Decathon Magic Bike-interior2
Motor, transmission and battery of the Decathlon Magic Bike electric bicycle

As for the components The specifications of the cycle part have not been disclosed either. Also from the pictures you can see that the brakes are disc brakes. To increase the simplicity of use on the handlebar there is only one lever that is responsible for activating both the front and rear brakes. Of the transmission a rubber strap is ordered that provides cleanliness to the whole and a minimum need for maintenance.

For the moment, Decathlon has not communicated no information on the date of commercialization and the price of the Magic Bike. For the brand, the idea is to continue its development by sharing the concept and inviting the general public to give their opinion on it and contribute ideas that can be included in the final version of this model or the models to which it gives rise. Be that as it may, this B’TWIN electric bike concept shows the brand’s desire to set itself apart from the competition with a disruptive electric bike.

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