Madrid orders Irizar its largest order for electric buses to date

The Madrid Municipal Transport Company (EMT) has placed a new order with Irizar, the fifth order made by the EMT to the Spanish manufacturer for the acquisition of new electric buses, and the largest to date.

The EMT, a public company owned 100% by the Madrid City Council, continues with its objectives to advance in the electrification of its fleet. The objective is to abandon diesel buses by 2023 and opt for hybrid, electric and natural gas buses, progressively increasing the presence of electric buses until they represent 25% of the fleet in 2025.

In this regard, the Madrid EMT has awarded Irizar an order for 90 electric buses, the largest order placed with Irizar and the largest tender for electric buses called by the Madrid EMT to date. When the vehicles for this order are delivered, the Madrid EMT will have 175 Irizar brand electric buses in its fleet, to which must be added that of other manufacturers such as BYD.

The vehicles in question will be of the model Irizar ie bus, 12 meters long, of which there are already several dozen circulating in Madrid. However, it is about the new generation of the model, which mounts a state-of-the-art battery with 430 kWh capacity, 23% more than the previous model. The battery will power a motor with 280 hp (206 kW).

In the image: Irizar ie bus 12, the model that the Madrid EMT has bought.

In the tests carried out before the award, Irizar claims to have reached more than 350 kilometers of autonomy with their new buses. We are talking about 40% more autonomy than the previous model, which offers about 250 kilometers of autonomy in the city (equivalent to about 17 hours of work). The buses can be charged by means of an inverted pantograph (fast charge at 450 kW of power) or by means of a Combo 2 charging socket to recharge in the depots (“slow” charge at 150 kW of power).

The buses will have 2 access doors, 28 seats for passengers, 1 seat for the driver and 2 areas for wheelchairs. Depending on the chosen configuration, the total capacity of this model reaches 81 passengers. These buses will also equip camera mirrorswhich replace traditional rearview mirrors.

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