Madness or genius? A chip is implanted in his hand to open his Tesla

In many science fiction movies we see how in the future external devices will not be necessary to control devices such as mobile phones. Although we do not live in 2050, today it is already possible to open the doors of a car without having to remove the remote, it is very common. However, there are those who think that having a key, or a card in the case of Tesla, is still excessively annoying. That approach has led this Tesla owner to implant a control chip in his hand. Genius or crazy?

Like the chips that are implanted in dogs and many household pets, Brandon Dalaly, the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3 in the United States, found that the best way to get rid of any extra add-ons to unlock and start your car was to install the locator in the palm of your hand. A syringe has implanted the chip that cannot be seen at any time under the skin of the right hand of this eccentric 39-year-old owner.

The most incredible thing of all is that Tesla is possibly the company that offers the most comfortable opening and unlocking key in the world. A simple card that can be associated with the mobile so that we do not have to take anything out of our pocket. Despite this, good old Brandon believed that this form was even more comfortable. All he has to do is pass his hand over the B-pillar, the panel where the unlocking locator is located, and that’s it.

Soon, more users will follow in Mr. Dalaly’s footsteps. Brandon is the first of a experimental group made up of about 100 participants, which is testing these chips that have been developed by the company Vivokey. According to the company’s specifications, the chips are made of biocompatible materials that do not cause damage of any kind. Shortly after implantation, the chip is encapsulated under the skin without affecting the movement of the hand and without causing side effects.

The most incredible thing of all is that chips are remotely upgradeable, like electric car OTA downloads. This allows them to broaden their usefulness, although operations are currently limited to a few uses. Without a doubt, we are facing a new step in the industry of the future. These 100 brave, or crazy, will be able to say that they were the first to have something similar. At the moment the first explorer recognizes that it is a good magic trick and an excellent topic of conversation for parties.

Surely more than one is thinking of joining this idea. If that is the case, you should know that the price will not be an inconvenience to become a kind of cyborg. The cost of the chip is around 300 dollars, which is quite reasonable. To that we must add the cost of the implantation, which supposes another 100 additional dollars. That is, for 400 dollars you can get rid of keys, cards and even mobile phones to open and start your Tesla. Hands-free function takes on a new meaning.

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