Mack Trucks launches an “all-inclusive” service (VaaS) for its electric trucks

One of the most famous American truck manufacturers is Mack Trucks, who not long ago released all the details about its new -and unique- 100% electric model, the so-called Mack LR Electric. This vehicle began its career in the market as a garbage truck for large cities like New York. Now the North American firm makes available to its clients a new all-inclusive service called VaaS (Vehicle as a Service).

In essence, this service presumes to propose to its interested parties a lease of the electric truck together with other components, such as the vehicle’s own chassis, the garbage can, the applicable taxes and a Mack LR Electric Protection Plan. Additionally, you can also add the electric charger to the list of devices, as well as its own installation. The brand has not specified a specific price figure but it does hope that this new service will become one of the most requested by its customers.

The aforementioned vehicle protection plan is based primarily on the Mack Ultra Service Agreement, which was recently introduced and includes all truck maintenance, although it excludes accident repairs or elements of wear and tear. It also includes uptime services, roadside assistance, battery health monitoring, and a battery performance guarantee.

Regarding the battery protection and warranty service, this is based on the ‘GuardDog Connect’ system, which we have already been able to talk about on occasion, and which controls all kinds of changes in the health or performance of the device itself. It will also do the same with defects detected in it and the failure of the electrical components of the electrical storage system. In case of noticing any failure in this regard, the system itself will contact those in charge of Mack Trucks in order to provide the fastest and most immediate solution possible.

The VaaS program of transfer of the vehicle is offered under a lease agreement for a period of five years. This will be based on monthly payments, as well as the option to renew the service for as long as the customer and manufacturer deem appropriate. Regarding its prices, as we have already mentioned, the American firm has not provided concise figures in this regard.

Mack Financial Services also offers a circulation insurance service through its own digital platform. This advanced system improves the services offered up to now, through the use of new coverages and making the client himself select what he wants to claim or insure monthly through his insurance platform. on-line.

From Mack Trucks they are firmly convinced that the implementation of this new service will be of vital importance in the adoption of electric trucks by the general customer. From the brand they presume to present an initial plan at zero cost for the interested party, since in reality they will only take the vehicle as part of their previously formalized monthly lease and will own it for as long as they deem appropriate, in addition to a non-existent maintenance cost.

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